CH^rn-*pys?|?””rnBACK ISSUES of CHRONICLESrnAK( KR LETERACY: EDUCATION IN POSTCIV[l,r/F.r)rnAMERICA—September 1994—John Lukacs on civilization vs.rnculture, Michael Gorman on technovandals and the future ofrnlibraries, Theodore Pappas on the nagging problem of plagiarism,rnand Stephen A. Erickson on the politics of education.rnPlus Thomas Fleming on the education of liberals,rnand John Dombrowski on politically incorrect research.rn’i’tlRNING RiCHl-S INTO WRONGS: ‘ I ‘ HE SUPREME COURT VS.rnriiK Bii.i.OF RICH IS—March 1995—William ]. Quirk and R.rnRandall Bndwcll on the evils of judicial review, JerrrnWoodruff on the assault on the Second Amendment, RoninrnColman on the drive for state sovereignty, and ChristopherrnBaldwin on jury-rigging. Plus Samuel Francis on CharlesrnMurray’s and Richard I lerrnstcin’s The Bell Curve.rn^ i S n ^rnw > f « * “rnt,ta«* VI «rn?i’iiZCFff-t>,rnTHE YEI.I.OW (BELLIED) PRESS—Octoberrn1994—Philip Jenkins on our free and gutlessrnpress, Erwin Knoll on the “liberal” media, TerryrnPr/bylski on the Chicago Tribune, Alex N.rnDragnich on Yugoslavia and the Western media,rnand Ewa M. Thompson on Russia and thernAmerican press. Plus Samuel Francis on thernabortion gambit.rnAIN’I FREEDOM GRAND, PT. II—Nocmber 1994—rnChronicles interviews former California governor JerryrnBrown. Richard Winger on restricting ballot access, JeffreyrnFucker on the third-party option, and Wayne Al-rnIcnsworth on the religious right. Plus Tomislav Sunic onrnideo polities, and Paul Foster’s “Memoirs of a ReaganrnHack”rnKEEPING THE FAHII: LIFE IN POSI-CHRISTIANrnAMERICA—December 1994—Philip Jenkins onrnthe radicalism in the Episcopal Church, ThomasrnFleming on the case for religious boycotts,rnThomas Molnar on tlie National Conference ofrnCatholic Bishops, and John Patrick Zmirak onrnAIDS and the wrath of God. Plus Jacob Neusnerrnon the left’s hijacking of Judaism, and SanfordrnPinsker on affir[riativc action and the LubavitcherrnRebbc.rnLosr IN THE MAZE: CRIME IN AMERICA—Januaryrn1995—Philip Jenkins on serial murder and the naturernof evil, Steven Goldberg on black murder, Thomas Flemingrnon crime and welfare, and Samuel Francis on globo-cop.rnPlus Derrick liirner on Britain’s immigration crisis, andrnJames Seruton on Peter Davison’s study of Boston poets,rnThe Fading Smile.rnWORLD WAR II: THE REST OF THE STORY—rnFebruary 1995—Anthony [larrigan on Allied warrncrimes, George Watson on Alfred Rosenberg,rnRalph de Toledano on Russian collaboration withrnthe Nazis, and Ralph Walker-Willis on the 442ndrnJapanese-American regiment. Plus Paul Ciottfried’srnreview of David Frum’s Dead Right.rnWORLD WAR Ill’s?—April 1995—Alex N. Dragnichrnon the fate of Kosovo, Wallace Kaufman onrnthe trials of Kazakhstan, Eva M. Thompson onrnpolitics in the Eastern Bloc, and Llewellyn H.rnRockwell, Jr., on American imperialism. PlusrnMomcilo Selie’s “Letter From Bosnia.”rnMEN vs. WOMEN—May 1995—CJeorge Watson onrnthe death of feminism, Mark Racho on the disappearancernof the lady. Clay Reynolds on sexual harassmentrnin the academy, and Thomas Fleming onrn”What do women want?” Plus Laurie Morrow on thernfilm Little Women, and John Lofton on Madonna andrnNorman Mailer.rn(11:=V:rnPROPHETIC V0IC1′:S—June 1995—Wendell Berry onrnthe country writer. Gore Vidal on politicalrnrhetoric, Thomas Fleming on Ford MadoxrnI’brd, Stacey Kors on poet Peter Russell, andrnPaul Lake on Frederick Turner. Plus MaxrnOelschlaeger on sociobiologist Edward O.rnWilson, and student reports on the perversernand political.rnIMMIGRAHON AND THE AMERICAN IDENTITY—rnJuly 1995—Murray Rothbard on the Americanrnidentity, E. Christian Kopff on America’s classicalrnheritage, Harold O.J. Brown on our Christian tradition,rnand Hans-Ilermann Hoppe on the consequencesrnof forced integration. Plus ThomasrnFleming on the immigration catastrophe, and PaulrnCraig Roberts’ review of Alien Nation by PeterrnBrimclow.rncnx)^^*^^^*^’-rnE PLURIBUS UNUM: REGIONALISM—^AI.IVErnAND KICKINC;—August 1995—Robert L. Dormanrnon the region in American history,rnChilton Williamson, Jr., on the American frontier,rnAllan Carlson on the Midwest, and JohnrnShelton Reed on the South past and present.rnPlus Congressman Robert K, Dornan on thernneed for public virtue, and Philip Jenkins on thernOklahoma boinbing.rnTO”*rn. ifiiirii'”‘rn’llnii'”rnBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMrn1 to 4 issues $6.00 each; 5 to 9 issues $3.50 each; 10 or more issues $2.50 each (postage and handling included)rnDate Qty. Cost Date Qty. CostrnSeptcniher 1994rnOctober 1994rnNovt-niljcr 1994rnL>cc[nber 1994rn)3iiu..rv 1995rnFcbriKirvl995rnMarch 1995rnApril 1995rnMay 1995rnluiie 1995rnJuly 1995rnAugust 1995rnName Total Qty. – Ibtal $-rnAddressrnMAIL WITH CHECK TO- CHRONICLES « 934 N O R I H MAIN STRELT <• R