The Hundredth Meridian

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^)MfnWN)f'rnINCLUDING ESSAYS BY.rn' PETKR BRIMFIXJWrn(Forbes Magazine)rn• Ai.i,AN CARLSONrn(The Rockford Institute)rn' JEAN BETIIKE EI.SHTAINrn(University of ChicagornDivinity School)rn• RICHARD ESTRAI>rn(Dallas Morning News)rnTHOMAS FLEMINGrn(Chronicles Magazine)rnSAMUEL FRANCISrn(Nationally SyndicatedrnColumnist)rnPAUL GoirFRiEDrn(Elizabethtown College)rnGARRETT HARDINrn(Professor . . .

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