INCLUDING ESSAYS BY.rn• PETER BRIMELOWrn(Forbes Magazine)rn• ALLAN CARLSONrn(The Rockford Institute)rn• JEAN BETHKE ELSHTAINrn(University of ChicagornDivinity School)rn• RICHARD ESTRADArn{Dallas Morning News)rn• THOMAS FLEMINGrn(Chronicles Magazine)rn• SAMUEL FRANCISrn(Nationally SyndicatedrnColumnist)rn• PAIU, COTTFRIEDrn(Elizabethtown College)rn• CARRETT HARDINrn(Professor Emeritus ofrnHuman Ecology)rn• HANS-HERMANN HoppErn(University of Nevada,rnLas Vegas)rn• DONALD L. HUDDLErn(Rice University)rn• E. CHRISTIAN KOPFFrn(University ofrnColorado inrnBoulder)rnNEW FROM CHRONICLES….rnIMMIGRATIONrn» ANDTHE *rnAMERICAN IDENTITYrnSELECTIONS FROMrnChronicles: A Magazine of American Culture,rn1985-1995rn• RICHARD D . LAMMrn(Former Governor ofrnColorado)rn• JOHNLUKACSrn(Professor Emeritus ofrnHistory)rn• WAYNE LuTTONrn(The Social ContractrnQuarterly)rn• GRADY MCWHINEYrn(Texas ChristianrnUniversity)rn• THEODORE PAPPASrn(Chronicles Magazine)rn• CLAES G. RYNrn(Catholic Universityrnof America)rn• PETER H. SCHUCKrn(Yale Law School)rn• ROGERS M. SMITHrn(Yale University)rn• GEOFFREY WAGNERrn(Professor Emeritus ofrnEnglish)rn• CHILTON WILLIAMSON, JR.rn(Chronicles Magazine)rn• CLYDE WILSONrn(University of SouthrnCarolina)rn• PETE WILSONrn(Governor of California)rnA publication of The Rockford Institutern232 pp., paperrn$14.95 List Price (plus $2.50 for sliipping & handling)rnLimited Time Offer to Readers of Chronicles – Only $12.95*rn(plus $2.50 for shipping & handling)rn”For a decade, writers in Chronicles have been grappling with this elemental andrnnation-breaking force in their brilliant, often literary, sometimes histrionic, invariablyrnidiosyncratic but undeniably diverse way. The presence in this volume of California’srnGovernor Pete Wilson, easily reelected since his essay “Citizenship and Immigration” firstrnappeared in Chronicles’ November 1993 issue and now widely mentioned as the possiblerncatalyst of the immigration issue in presidential politics, is only one reason Chronicles’rneditors can fairly say: you read it here first.”rn—Peter BrimelowrnTO order by Credit Card, Call: 1-800-397-8160rnOr send check or money order in the amount of $15.45 ($12.95+$2.50 shipping &’handling) tornChronicles, P.O. Box 800, Mt. Morris, IL 61054rn*For immediate service and to receive the discount, please list on payment or mention when orderingrnSOURCE CODE: A9506, and ITEM CODE: MCRT.rnrnrn