(CTTTTHENyou. reread a classic you do nc t see more in the book than WTHENyrndie you did before; you see more in you than there was before.”rn—Clifton Fadiman, Any Number Can PlayrnSTART WITH DICKENS’ /rnGreat Expectationsrnfor onlyrn$2.^’rn1 *M Ot*ll!>rnt>l’SI >»rn/WBSI* IM! MUli’lS,rnJrn^Jr ‘rnV warn/^ TTET^ a century and a half,rn/-i nothing in Enghsh Hterature hasrn%-^ ^ surpassed the power of CharlesrnDickens’ novels. Their vivid descriptions ofrnEnglish life in both city and country . . . theirrnpowerful characters who have become oldrnfriends and household words . . . their exciting,rn”•vi-/-‘•i-fiUed plots . . . their brutal depiction ofrninjustices of their times . . . their appeal to the heart and thernwarmth of their humanity . . . all have combined to make these thernbest loved novels wherever English is spoken.rnIn a world flooded with trash reading and cheap pulp, a return tornthe classic novels of Dickens signals a recovery of basic Western values. Inrnthe best schools, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, and David Copperfieldrnwere mandatory reading. And now that more and more parents arerninsisting on a substantive education for their children, English teachersrnare rediscovering the qualities that made Dickens the most popular writerrnof his time, from his lighthearted Sketches by Boz (1836) to his darklyrnmysterious, unfinished The Mystery of Edwin Drood{lK7Q).rnThe Complete 21 Volume Illustrated Dicke^isrn’ OTSlCj out of print, the complete novels of Charles Dickensrnare now available again in 21 handsome, hardbound volumes.rnBased on the texts revised and corrected by the author himselfrnin 1860, and containing the original illustrations by such notablernVictorian artists as “Phiz” and George Cruikshank, this is a thoroughlyrnauthentic edition. Yet these books are not overpriced, impracticalrnversions in fancy bindings meant mainly to impress the neighbors, butrnhard-working volumes designed for regular use. These practicalrnheirlooms are made to last, for your own reading and for your childrenrnand grandchildren.rn^ y tf£Ti6 is no better way to recover our cultural heritage—rn^^-^/ in both history and language—than to revisit the imaginativernK_^ world of Charles Dickens. No one is truly educated withoutrnhaving read these books; and at this price, every family can afford tornanchor its love of great literature in these time-tested treasures.rnABOUT THE LITERARY CLASSICS SOCIETY trnOUR PURPOSE is simple: We believe that the vahies of Western civilization are §rntrue, intrinsically precious, arid worth preserving at all costs; and that the bestrnway to encourage thinking people to explore all the riches of their heritage, isrnto make the classics—those books truly worth reading and knowing—widelyrnavailable in quality editions at reasonable prices.rn^l Bliilirn., •CilH^ll.-^^rn|^l>li:i)Xll()NbrnStart with the story of a boy with a mysteriousrnbenefactor . . . the freshness and innocence ofrnyoung love . . . an eccentric old lady whornpresides over a ghostly wedding party . . . andrnthe excitement of befriending an escapedrnconvict one step ahead of the law. Generationsrnof readers, school children, and moviegoersrnhave thrilled to Great Expectations, the idealrnintroduction to the spellbinding art ofCharles_rnDickens. This edition is yours for only $2.95rnwhen you join the Literary Classic.SocietysrnCLASSIC BOOK CLUB. .rn^rnCLASSIC BOOK CLUBrnP.O. Box 608, Ivy, Virginia 22945-0608rn• Yes. Please accept my membership in tlie Literary ClassicsrnSociety’s CLASSIC BOOK CLUB, and send my hardbound,rnil]i]Strated volume of Dickens’ Great Expectations, for whichrn1 enclose just $2.95.*rnE’er) four weeks, when I receive my free copy of thernLiterary Classics Review, I will have the opportunity tornputchase the next featured volume in this 21 volume series,rneach at a price of only $13.95, plus shipping and handling.rn1 agree to buy just font more volumes from any of thernSociet)”s offerings of quality hardbound classic editions overrnthe next two years. Once I have purchased four volumes, Irnmay either cancel my subscription to the CLASSIC BOOKrnCLUB, or remain a member of the club and continue to havernthe ptivilege of purchasing quality hardbound volumes of thernliterary classics at affordable prices.rnNamern*All memberships subject tn approval. A small shipping and handlingrncharge, and sales tax where applicable, will be billed. GHR01rnrnrn