Young America’s Foundationnis a refuge for students seeking an alternative to the politicallyncorrect’ environment enforced on many campuses.”nRonald ReagannV.’:’n-&>’nLibertaS is the Foundation’s generalnnewsletter published six times yearly. Itnreports on Foundation events, noting studentsnwho have been successful conductingncampus programs and battling politicalncorrectness.nFree.nYoung America’s Foundation Speakers Programncontains information on the various speakers offerednthrough the Foundation, including William F. BuckleynOliver North, Robert Novak, Bay Buchanan, WilliamnBennett, Dinesh D’Souza,nPhyllis Schlafly, WalternWilliams, and many more. Innrecent years these speakersnhave addressed thousands ofnstudents, bringing balance tonhundreds of campuses allnover the U. S.nFree.n”Campus Activist”nYoung America’s FoundationnF. M. Kirbv Freedom CenternllOEIdenStreetnHerndon, Virginia 22070nEnclosed is:nName -nAddressnCitvnWOW more than ever conservativenstudents mustnbe prepared to defendntheir beliefs. Knowledge andninformation are key weaponsnin this battle, whether it’snunderstanding how to connduct a conservative speakersnprogram, ward off “politicallyncorrect” administrators,nor run an alternativenpublication. For twenty-fivenyears Young America’snFoundation has helped studentsnwith speakers, publications,ntraining and advice.nNow we introduce then”Campus Activist Package,” anselection of Foundation publicationsnthat can give younthe know-how and informationnto promote yournideas on campus.”nTo Order, Return This Coupon To:nCheck the items you wish to order:nCampus Activism ($10.00)nCampus Leader (Free to students)nLibertas (Yree) _.nSpealiers Program (Free)n{kx Campus Activism only). Please send publications to:nSchool {ijapplicable)n. Stat(^ Zip_nnn< :<,,nCampus Leader is the Foundation’snmonthly newsletter for student contacts. Itncontains information on resources availablenfrom the Foundation, includingnspeakers, books, and posters. Each issuenincludes a full-size poster. These postersnhave decorated thousands of dorm roomsnon campuses all over the U. S.nFree to sludenls.nThe ConservativenGuide to CampusnActivism is thenFoundation’s “howto”nbook written bynsuccessful campusnactivists such asnauthor Dinesh D’Souza,nCongressman DananRohrabacher and FoundationnPresident Ron Robinson.nIncludes chapters on how tonstart a conservative newspa- -nper, conducting speakingnevents, fundraising, how tondefend your legal rights onncampus, and more.n$10.00n