Should America Be arn’Multicultural’ Society?rnPresident Ronald Reagan warned in 1983, “This country has lost control of its borders,rnand no country can sustain that…”rnEvents have proven him right. Every year, more than 300,000 illegal ahens settle herernpermanently. At the same time, the U.S. admits nearly one miUion legal immigrants annually,rnthe highest sustained level of immigration in our history.rnStudies show that on average these immigrants – nearly 90% of whom are from thernThird World – are poorly skilled and uneducated, creating a burden on taxpayers and therneconomy. Unless immigration laws are changed, the net costs of immigration will reach $60rnbilhon a year by 2003.rnBut the costs of unrestricted immigration are not the only objection to thern”multicultural” society that Congress and the President have decided to create. Our veryrnnationhood is at stake.rnMassive imnugrant enclaves in our nation’s cities are rapidly becoming foreignrncolonies of unprecedented pohtical and cultural influence, fragmenting the country intorncompeting ethnic groups. Bankrolled by America’s wealthiest and most prestigiousrncorporations and foundations, ethnic advocacy groups and theirrnallies are already mobihzing these colonies to dismantle ourrncountry’s traditions in favor of “group rights,” multiculturalrneducation, and racial quotas. Bosnia today could be Americarntomorrow.rnIt is time for America’s citizens to speak out and take directrnaction to conserve America’s heritage for future generations.rnJoin Us! IrnSend today forrnyour copy ofrnThe ImmigrationrnInvasion byrnWayne Luttonrnand John Tanton,rn1994, paperback,rn192 pages.rnA.I.C.F.rnAmerican ImmigrationrnControl Foundationrn(703) 468-2022rnWith more than 200,000 members, AlCF is the nation’s largest grassrootsrneducational organization working for sound immigration policy.rnAmerican Immigration Control FoundationrnP.O. Box 525rnMonterey, Virginia 24465rn• Enclosed is $4.00 for my copy ofrnThe Immigration Invasion, by Wayne Luttonrnand John Tanton.rn• Enclosed is $15.00 to join AlCF. Send mernThe Immigration Invasion and a subscriptionrnto Border Watch, the AlCF monthlyrnnewsletter.rnNamernAddressrnCity, State, Zip-rn- Jrnrnrn