Why does this differ fromrnevery other handlx)olcrnon our government?rnOarence Carson pulls no punches as he explains why:rn’ ‘It would be a considerable fraud to do a book on American governmentrnwhich talked as if the Constitution were still being substantially observed,rnthat pretended that when Presidents took the oath of office they intendedrnto observe the bounds set by the Constimtion, that Congressmen recitedrntheir pledges with the same intent, and that foleral judges were still construingrnthe Constitution as it was written. In sum, any book on Americanrngovernment worthy of the name ought to make clear how remote from thernConstitution the government has become.”rnThis is die book. Which is why we believe tiiat it’s the only book on our governmentrntiiat Americans can trust today. Carson gives you all the basics,rnincluding:rn• The roots of the American system, botii scriptural and secular… key contributionsrnof ancient Greece and Rome . . . the Middle Ages . . . thernRenaissance . . . tiie Reformation . . . modem Europe and England . . .rnand our own colonial experiencern• The batde over the Constitution. The framers’ real intentions, as shown inrntiieir writingsrn• BeUayed, especially in our time: tiie letter AND the spirit of the Constitutionrn• How government functions at each level — federal, state and local. Therncourt system, from justice of the peace to the Supreme Courtrn• The changing presidency. The impact (for better or worse) of Washingtonrn. . . Jefferson . . . Lincoln . . . FDR and his successorsrn• The rise of the Welfare State. The staggering growtii of government spendingrnand bureaucracyrn• Massive departures from die Constitution in our century (on die way to diernLeviadian state). How to get die government back on coursernWhat eveiy American must know aboutrnour govenunentrnCarson exposes erroR and mydis diat litter most other texts on our govemmentrnas he refutes decades of liberal propaganda:rn•The God-derived “natural law” principles on which our government wasrnbased. How diey were corrapted, and finally abandoned. The secularistrnphilosophies diat took overrn• Why the Civil War was unconstimtional. How it upset die balance of powersrnand led to unprecedented federal controlrn• The diree events diat mark die “great divide” in American history — evenrnmore dian die Civil Warrn• Why it is inaccurate to call our system a “democracy”rn•The rise of “judicial activism.” The Court’s effort to drive religion andrnmorality out of public life. How Constitutional protections of religionrngradually became laws against religionrn•How new “rights” not found in die Constitution (e.g., abortion,rnpornography) were created by Court fiatrn•The difference between revolutionary and evolutionary socialism. How thernlatter dominated our government in recent decades—in everything but namernThis book is valuable for parents who want to correct die misinformation fed tornour children today. Homeschoolers will never find a better text.rnBut pleax, don’t think of tbis simply as a fine textbook. Think of it asrnthe perfect companion to your own ideas about where our countryrnSHOULD be hnded; and the ideal guidebook for your own efforts tornrestore decency to government and society. Cbvence Canon puts thernsources and the answers at your fingertips.rnHow the Club WorldsrnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Qub Bulledn, which offersrnyou the Featured Sdectwn plus a good chokx of Ahemates. Books on current issues,rnrdiglon, education, homeschooling, politics, children’s books, etc. — aO of interest tornconservatives. • If you want the Feahired Selection, do nodiing. It wiD comernautomatically, -k If you don’t want the Feahired Sdection, or you do want an Alternate,rnindicate your wishes on die handy card endosed widi your BuDelin and return itrnby die deadline date. • The m^rity of Qub books are offered at 20-50% discounts,rnplus a charge for shipping and handling, -k As soon as you buy and pay for 3 booksrnat regular Qub prices, your membership may be ended at any time, eidier by you orrnby die Qub. -k If you ever receive a Feanired Sdection widiout having had 10 days torndedde if you want it, you may reUim it at Qub expaise for ftill credit. • Goodrnservice. No computeis! • The Qub will offer regular Superbaigains, mosdy atrn70-95% discounts plus shipping and handling. Superbargains do not count towardrnfulfilling your Oub obligation, but do enable you to buy fine books at giveaway prices.rn* Only one membenhip per household.rn/ » CONSERVATIVE I •! BOOK CLUBrn33 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, N.Y. 10528rnPlease accept my membership in the Qub and send me FREE thern603-page, $32.95 Basic American Government by Qarence B.rnCarson. I agree to buy 3 additional books at regular Qub prices overrnthe next 18 months. I also agree to the Qub rules spelled out in thisrncoupon. ecu L-105rnName _rnAddressrnCity .State. .Zip.rnrnrn