CANrnTHISrnMAN’SrnIDEASrnSAVErnAMERICA?rnLudwig von Misesrn1881-1973rnProfessor Ludwig von Mises may in fact be godfather to a restoredrnAmerica. In sixty years of teaching, and in such books as Human Action,rnSocialism, and The Theory of Money and Credit, this great economistrndemonstrated that private property, free markets, sound money, andrntraditional social institutions are essential to Western civilization. Now,rnthrough the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a new generation is spreadingrnhis ideas on our nation’s campuses.rnFor more information about the Institute and a free three-monthrnsubscription to its monthly. The Free Market, write, phone, or fax: thernLudwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama 36849-5301; phone (205)rn844-2500; fax (205) 844-2583.rnDetach here and mailrnLudwig von Mises InstituternAuburn, Alabama 36849-5301rn• Please send me a free three-month subscription to The Free Market.rnpleaBe printrnNamernStreetrnCity State ZIP _rnrnrn