CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrnOn the Roots of Our Civilization *rnTHE DECLINE OF THE WEST: FROM THE ALAMO TO KOSOVO—Junern1999—^Tliomas Fleming on gambling and the frontier spirit, Roger D. McGrath on Americansrnthen and now. William Murchison on retjiking the Alamo, and David B. Kopel onrnthe gun and the frontier Plus Doug Bandow on our little war in Kosovo, Harold O.J.rnBrown on Pitirim Sorokin, and Samuel Francis on politics without a right.rnBack Issue #:T996 $7.00rnCULTURAL ALIENATION: HOLLYWOOD LIES, 60’S RADICALS RISE,rnNERO RULES!—March 1999—Egon Richard Tausch exposes the Thomas Jefferson-rnSally Hemings hoa.x, Roger D. McGrath explains how Hollywood arrives at its pottedrnview of history, and Curtis Gate takes a trip to Weimar. Plus Michael Stenton on the modemrnmonarchy, Alan SuUivan on A.D. Hope, and a letter from Lagado University.rnBack Issue #:T993 $7.00rnHEALING THE SCHISM—December 1998—Father Hugh Barbour lays the groundrnfor an anti-ecumenical ecumenism, Harold O.J. Brown presents the Protestant view ofrnchurch unity, and Wayne Allensworth explains what’s wrong with Western evangelism inrnRussia. Plus Thomas Fleming on ecumenism, universalism, and empire and SamuelrnFrancis on paleo-Malthusianism.rnBack Issue #:T98& $7.00rnEUROPEAN AMERICA: LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE FRENCH—rn.April 1998—Thomas Reming on the heart’s geography, Jean Raspail on defending civilization.rnKenneth McDonald on how culture and federalism can coexist. Scott P Richertrnon the European roots of American life, and Samuel Francis on the other face of multiculturalism.rnPlus Ben C. Toledano on Creole culture.rnBack Issue #;T984 $7.00rnBATTLE OF THE BOOKS: MULTICULTURALISM AND EDUCATION—rnSeptember 1996—Thomas Reming on the latest assault on the classics, Zbigniew Herbertrnon the significance of T.S. Ehot, George Ganett on the legacy of Shakespeare. GeorgernWatson on the multiculturalist case, and Harold O.J. Brown on the Bible, past and present.rnPlus Aaron Sleelman on compulsory attendance laws.rnBack Issue #:T969 $7.00rnATHENS AND JERUSALEM—April 1996—Curtis Gate on the Nietzscheans ofrnNaumburg, Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones on ancient Greek religion, Alain de Benoist onrnmonotheism vs. polytheism, and Thomas Molnar on the twilight of the sacred. Plus JacobrnNeusner on state-sponsored prayer and Wayne Allensworth on the revival of Russianrnpaganism.rnBack Issue #:T964 $7.00rnFREE-MINDED SCOTS—November 1995—Michael Hill on Scots nationalism, DonrnLivingston on David Hume. Jeremy Black on Scottish and American history, and E.rnChristian Kopff on Douglas Young. Plus Thomas Fleming on the poet and the state,rnTheodore Pappas on Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle, and Michael Hill onrnBravehean.rnBack Issue #:T95- $7.00rnNATIONALISM IN WESTERN EUROPE—November 1993—E. Chnsdan Kopffrnon the debate over French citizenship, Joachim F. Weber on Germany’s immigrationrnprobe, Allan Carlson on the Swedish nationalism of Jan Myrdal, and Donald I. Warren onrnthe “Austria First” movement. Plus Thomas Fleming on nationalism at home, GovemorrnPete Wilson on immigration, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe on secession as progress.rnBack Issue #:T93- $7.00rnDEFINING CULTURE—April 1993—Speeches on the tenth presentation of the IngersollrnPrizes: Edson 1. Gaylord’s “Observations After Ten Years,” Muriel Spaik on “LivingrnWith Culture.” and Waller Burkert on the “Classics—Past Ideology and Persistent Reality.”rnPlus John B. Thompson on Janet Reno. Jeffrey A. Tucker on Jack Kemp’s mistakenrnidentity, and an excerpt from Chilton WiUiamson’s latest novel.rnBack Issue #:T934 $7.00rn1492: ITALIANS AND AMERICA—October 1992—Christie Davies on blamingrnColumbus, E. Christian Kopff on Margaret Fuller in Rome, Chilton Williamson, Jr., onrnpseudoscholarship about Columbus, and Samuel Francis on The Godfather as politicalrnmetaphor. Plus Thomas Fleming on the changing frontier, David R. Slavitt on LorenzornDa Ponte, and Thomas O. Jones on Columbus’ descendants.rnBack Issue #:T920 $7.00rnSpecial Offer: With any order over $50, you will receive a free copy of the October 1997 issue of Chronicles.rnIMPERIAL PRESIDENCY—October 1997—Patrick J. Buchanan on Mr Lincoln’s War, Samuel Francis on the demise of checks and balances. Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr. onrnexecutive branch evils, and Donald Livingston and Thomas Naylor on the real meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. Plus Thomas Reming on how presidents became our masters andrnMarian Kester Ctximbs on the attempt to feminize mathematics.rnBack Issue #:T970 $7.00rnPRODUCT ORDER FORMrnNamernAddressrnCitv/State/ZiprnL 1 Check or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: Q MasterCard Q Visa Q AmexrnCard#rnExpiration DaternSignaturernPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris, IL 61054rni or, t o o r d e r t o l l – f r e e , call 1 – 8 0 0 – 3 9 7 – 8 1 6 0rn<rnProduct Code Quantity Unit PricernSubtotalrn20% Discount (on orders over $50)rnTotal Pricern-rnShipping & Handling I N C L U D E DrnTax-Deductible Donation to The Rockford InstituternTotalrn+rnOtter expires 12/31/01rnrnrn