Young America’s Foundationrnis a refuge for students seeking an alternative to the politicallyrncorrect’ environment enforced on many campuses.”rnLibertas is the Foundation’s generalrnnewsletter published six times yearly. Itrnreports on Foundation events, noting studentsrnwho have been successful conductingrncampus programs and battling politicalrncorrectness.rnFree.rnRonald ReaganrnNow more than ever conservativernstudents mustrnbe prepared to defendrntheir beUefs. Knowledge andrninformation are key weaponsrnin this battle, whether it’srnunderstanding how to conrnduct a conservative speakersrnprogram, ward off “politicallyrncorrect” administrators,rnor run an alternativernpublication. For twenty-fivernyears Young America’srnFoundation has helped studentsrnwith speakers, publications,rntraining and advice.rnNow we introduce thern”Campus Activist Package,” arnselection of Foundation publicationsrnthat can give yournthe know-how and informationrnto promote yourrnideas on campus.rnYoung America’s Foundation Speakers Programrncontains information on the various speakers offeredrnthrough the Foundation, including William F. Buckley,rnOliver North, Russell Kirk, Bay Buchanan, WilliamrnBennett, Dinesh D’Souza,rnPhyllis Schlafly, WalterrnWilliams, and many more. Inrnrecent years these speakersrnhave addressed thousands ofrnstudents, bringing balance tornhundreds of campuses allrnover the U. S.rnFree.rnWlt^rn” • – – . , : ‘ ‘ • ” i / v v ‘ , ‘ : ‘ ” ‘ “rn• ‘ • • . IrnCampus Leader is the Foundation’srnmonthly newsletter for student contacts. Itrncontains information on resources availablernfrom the Foundation, includingrnspeakers, books, and posters. Each issuernincludes a full-size poster. These postersrnhave decorated thousands of dorm roomsrnon campuses all over the U. S.rnFree to students.rnID Order, Return This Coupon To:rn”Campus Activist”rnYoung .America’s FoundationrnF. M. Kirbv Freedom Centerrn110 Elden StreetrnHerndon, Virginia 22070rnEnclosed is $_rnNamernCheck the items you wish to order:rnCampus Activism (S10.00)rnCampus Leader (Free to students)rnLibertas (Free)rnSpealiers Program (Free)rn(for Campus Activism only). Please send publications to:rnSchool {ifafiplictible)rnAddress-rnCitv – State- Zip-rnThe ConservativernGuide to CampusrnActivism is thernFoundation’s “howto”rnbook written byrnsuccessful campusrnactivists such asrnauthor Dinesh D’Souza,rnCongressman DanarnRohrabacher and FoundationrnPresident Ron Robinson.rnIncludes chapters on how tornstart a conservative newspaper,rnconducting speakingrnevents, fundraising, how torndefend your legal rights onrncampus, and more.rn$10.00rnrnrn