AmericanrnY O U R W I N D O W ON T H E F U T U R Ern•”Mm* •*»•««„.,rnAmerican. American Outlook, a bimonthly magazine of the world’srnbest writing on the future, examines the ideas, people,rntrends, and technologies at work shaping the future today.rnAmerican Outlool< is realistic and optimistic,rnbelieving that any problems human beings can create,rnpeople can solve.rnIn this bimonthly issue:rnThe Anglosphere:rnOne culture may be uniquely suited to succeed in arnworld without borders.rnCulture and the Future of thernEnglish-Speaking Peoples By Francis FukuyamarnBritish and American economic success and growth flow from those nations’rnknack for creating “social capital.”rnBonds and Bureaucentrism By Robert ConquestrnA union of English-speaking nations would provide a plausible alternativerndirection for the world’s future political evolution.rnThe European Challenge to American Power ByJotin O’SuiUvanrnAmerica’s ability to overcome ethnic differences comes in handy in its role asrnthe sole current superpower, but the European Union’s ambition to become arnsuperstate poses significant dangers.rnPeek into the future by asking for the latest issue of Hudson’s bimonthly futuristrnmagazine, American Outlook, at your favorite newsstand, or call 1-888-554-1325.rnHUDSONrnI N S T I T U T ErnSOLVING TOMORROW’S PRORLEMS TOOAYrnAmerican Outlookrn$3.g5/issuern$19.95 for 6 issuesrnBimonthly 74470-94189 CHPrnrnrn