Rush Limbaugh explains why he gives thisrnextraordinary anthology by Reagan Cabinetrnmember William Bennett his unqualifiedrnendorsement:rn”The Book of Virtues is built on an oldrnphilosophical principle nearly foi;gotten inrnthe public discussion (and in certain recentrnpresidential campaigns), but it is an idea Irnhave long championed: Character matters.rnWhat a concept! But beware — somernof the lessons in this book are rooted inrnreligion, which means the anthology willrnbe ruled unconstitutional if carried into anrnAmerican school.rnIt belongs, however, in every home. ThernBook of Virtues is a superb collection,rncertain to fortify you and yours for a lifetimernof morality, goodness, and rightrnthinking.”rnMr. Bennett groups the selections accordingrnto the ten virtues or good habits they aim torninstill:rnSelf-Discipline • Compassionrn* Responsibility * Friendshiprn•k Work • Courage * Perseverancern* Honesty * Loyalty * FaithrnEach section carries its own introductoryrnessay, and the selections have explanatoryrnnotes where necessary. You get an amazingrn384 selections. Most are stories, of course, butrnThe Bookrnof Virtuesrn. I. > i U iM frnWilliam J.rnBennettrnyou also get generous helpings of inspiringrnverse.rnThe selections range from half a page tornseveral pages — all short enough to be readrnaloud at bedtime, during a class or homeschoolrnsession, or by young readers on theirrnown. Adults will be delighted to meet manyrnold favorites again, and to discover neglectedrngems that enriched the moral life of previousrngenerations.rn”America has long been inrnneed of a C. S. Lewis …rnWilliam J. Bennett, thefomierrnSecretary of Education andrndrug czar, may be as close inrnintellectual likeness to Lewisrnas America fias fiad at tfie nationalrnlevel.”-CAL THOMASrn”W. Bennett has created arntreasury no conservativernparent would want to bernwithout. For conservativernparents l