Modem Editions of Classic Works for Today’s ReadersrnDEMOCRACY AND LEADERSHIPrnBy Irving BabbittrnForeword by Russeil Kirkrn. . , one of the few truly important works ofpoUticalrnthought. —Russell KirkrnIn Democracy and Leadership, first publistied inrn1924, Babbitt applies the principles of humanism tornthe civil social order. He offers a compelling critique ofrnunchecked majoritarianism and addresses the greatrnproblem of how to discover leaders with standards.rnHardcover $14.00rnPaperback $ 7.00rn0-913966-54-1rn0-913966-55-xrnTHE STATE OF THE UNIONrnEssays In Social CriticismrnBy Albert Jay nockrnEdited and with a Foreword by Charles H. HamiltonrnThis collection is the first chosen from Albert JayrnHock’s entire work and the first new collection in nearlyrnthirty-five years. It includes tiis best-known essays,rnexcellent unknown articles, and previouslyrnunpublished material. Mock (1870-1945) is one of thernfew social critics to recognize the ovenidingrnimportance of individual liberty for personal hilfillmentrnand moral development.rnTHE SERVILE STATErnBy Hilaire BellocrnIntroduction by Robert nisbetrnHilaire Belloc (1870-1953) was a veiy controversialrnfigure in his day. The Senile State has endured as arnperceptive warning, first published in 1912, of thernconsequences of statism and the effect of socialistrndoctrine on capitalist society, which will alwaysrnproduce a servile state.rnHardcover $14.00rnPaperback $ 6.00rn0-913966-31-2rn0-913966-32-0rnEDUCATION IN A TREE SOCIETYrnEdited and with an Introduction byrnAnne Husted BurleighrnA position paper by Benjamin A. Rogge and Pierre F.rnGoodrich leads off this fine collection advocating anrneducational system based strictly on private andrnvoluntary institutions.rnHardcover $8.00rnPaperback $4.00rn0-913966-00-2rn0-913966-45-2rnHardcover $12.00rnPaperiMck $ 7.50rn0-86597-092-0rn0-86597-093-9rnFURTHER REFLECTIONS ON THErnREVOLUTION IN FRANCErnBy Edmund BurkernEdited by Daniel E. RitchiernThis volume brings together, for the first time inrnaccessible and unabridged form, Edmund Burke’srnmost important other writings on the FrenchrnRevolution. They constitute an important body of workrnthat anticipates, refines, and summarizes Burke’srnfie/!ections on the Remlution in France.rnHardcover $18.00rnPaperback $ 7.50rn0-86597-098-xrn0-86597-099-8rnLiberty Fundrnff^ ^rnPlease send me the following titles:rn• Enclosed is my check.rn• Please send me a catalogue.rnNamernAddress.rnCityrnState/Zip-rnTo order by plione, call 800-955-8M5; fax 317-577-9067, Prepayment by check, VISA, orrnMasterCard is required on all orders not for resale. We pay book rate postage on prepaid orders.rnPlease allow approximately four weeks for delivery.rnLiberty Fundrn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, #300rnDept. B426rnIndianapolis, IM 46250-1687rnQuantity Title HC/FBrnSubtotalrnIndiana residents add 5% sales taxrnTotalrnAmountrnrnrn