CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrn2000 in ReviewrnOLD TIME RELIGION: TRADITION & FUNDAMENTALS—December 2000—rnThomas Heming charts the path from tradition to annihilation, Harold O.J. Brown examinesrnthe tension between revelation and tradition, Philip Jenkins predicts the hiture of traditionalrnChristianity, and Steven Wilkins explains how the American South kept covenantrnwith God. Plus Alberto Carosa on the life of Blessed Pope Pius IX.rnBack Issue #:T0O& $7.00rnTHE PARTY’S OVER—November 2000—Bill Kauffman interviews Patrick J.rnBuchanan, Greg Kaza discusses the future of the Reform and Green movements, andrnKevin Michael Grace documents the rise of a Canadian third party. Plus Thomas Flemingrnon the future of the republic, Philip Jenkins on the coming batdc over reparations forrnslavery, and Samuel Francis on the end of our civihzation and the rise of the next.rnBack Issue #: TOO- $7.00rnDUSTING OFF THE FIRST AMENDMENT—October 2000—Joseph Sobranrnwants to restore the Constitution, Philip Jenkins takes a look at exotic dancing and the Billrnof Rights, and Stephen B. Presser considers whether commercial speech is constitutionallyrnprotected. Plus Thomas Fleming on our constitutional covenant with death and RogerrnD. McGrath on the Reconqukla of California.rnBack Issue #:T000 $7.00rnCOLLEGES WITHOUT WALLS: BREAKING THE HIGHER EDUCATIONrnMONOPOLY—September 2000—Mary Pride explains how homeschoolers willrnchange higher education, James Patrick discusses the reemergence of colleges in Christ,rnand Donald W. Livingston thinks that the future of education lies outside of the academy.rnPlus Jacob Neusner on Judaism and abortion and Sean Scallon on globalist sports.rnBack Issue #:T009 $7.00rnLORDS OF MISRULE: U.S. & ITALY—August 2000—Maurizio Blondet examinesrnthe history of Italy that’s not told in textbooks, Srdja Trifkovic spins a tale of two fascistsrn(Mussolini and FDR), and Andrei Navrozov explains why he lives in Italy. Plus ThomasrnFleming on Italian politics, Clyde Wilson on the removal of the Confederate flag in SouthrnCarolina, and Mario Marcolla on Poe, Henry Adams and an alliance of Christendom.rnBack Issue #:T008 $7.00rnIMPERIALISM WITH A HUMAN FACE?—July 2000—Patrick J. Buchanan wantsrnto restore the republic, Justin Raimondo paints the new face of the antiwar movement,rnPhilip Jenkins warns of a United States of the Worid, and Clyde Wilson spends five minutesrnwith Governor Bush. Plus Thomas Fleming on a revolution to save the world andrnHarlan J. Edmonds on Kansas schtx)ls and evolution.rnBack Issue #:T007 $7.00rnFOREIGN AID SCAM: THEIR GANGSTER BANKERS—AND OURS—Junern2000—Thomas Fleming explains why charity begins at home, Doug Bandow showsrnwhere our foreign aid goes, and Virginia Dean Abemethy exposes the connection betweenrnforeign aid and population growth. Plus Curtis Gate on exhibitionism as a way of hfe andrnPhilip Jenkins on the sin of Adam’s Mark.rnBack Issue #:T006 $7.00rnRACE BAITING: THE AMERICAN WAY—May 2000—Thomas Reming exposesrnthe racist foundations of the American regime, Philip Jenkins shows how the media playrnthe race card, and William Murchison chronicles the NAACP’s march into irrelevance.rnPlus Justin Raimondo on the sedition trial of Lawrence Dennis and Paul Gottfried on thernChristophobia of the neoconservatives.rnBack Issue #:T005 $7.00rnPULP CLASSICS—April 2000—Thomas Fleming interviews novelist Dean Koontz,rnTony Outhwaite demolishes the myth of the literary novel, and Clay Reynolds defendsrnpopular literature. Plus Tod Newman on life on the Arizona border, Philip Jenkins on thernpolitics of fossils, Paul R. Scholle on the anti-philosophy of Richard Rorty, Clyde Wilsonrnon war films, and Samuel Francis on the Republican Party’s Hispanic strategy.rnBack Issue #:T004 $7.00rnCOME HOME, AMERICA: DISMANTLING OUR EVIL EMPIRE—Marchrn2000—Doug Bandow presents a foreign policy for a republic, not an empire, SrdjarnTrifkovic explains why it’s not just the Balkans anymore, and Bill Kauffman urges Americansrnto commit “place-ism.” Plus Thomas Fleming on NATO’s Dark Age and Justin Raimondornon America’s continuing war against Iraq.rnBack Issue #:T003 $7.00rnBOYZ II GIRLZ: THE VANISHING AMERICAN MALE—February 2000—rnThomas Fleming on the unmanned American, Marian Kester Coombs on feminism andrnthe destraction of liberty, J.O. Tate on the unisex multiplex, and Christopher Check on thernfeminization of war. Plus Michael McMahon on the death of the London pub and JanetrnScoU Barlow on the decline of country music.rnBack Issue #:T002 $7.00rnTHE CHRONICLES MOMENT—January 2000—A round table discussion on thernemerging Chronicles majority featuring Harold O.J. Brown, Donald W. Livingston, BillrnKauffman, Clyde Wilson, Srdja Trifkovic, Stephen B. Presser, Chilton Williamson, Jr,rnPaul Gottfried, and J.O. Tate. Plus Justin Raimondo and John Lukacs offer two opinionsrnof Pat Buchanan’s A Republic, Noi an Empire.rnBack Issue #:T001 $7.00rnProduct Order FormrnNamernAddressrnCitv/State/Ziprn1 1 Check or money order enclosedrnDrnPlease bill my: Q MasterCard Q Visa Q AmexrnCard#rnExpiration DaternSignaturernPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. 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