Four Romes: One Eternal CityrnHP^^PIrnBir^^’^lflfr “t/MrnM^^f^^R^^rn^HilHB^^^Si^HLrn'” .•^^- Crn^’.rn* » « ^rnfrnJoinrnChronicles editors Thomas Fleming, ChiltonrnWilliamson, Jr., Srdja Trifkovic, and Andrei Navrozov,rnalong with architectrnDr. James Patrick, founder and provost of thernCollege of Saint Thomas More,rnand Italians . . .rnjournalist Alberto Carosa,rntheologian Roberto de Mattei, andrnreactionary political insider Marco RespintirnforrnThe Rockford Institute’s first Convivium of the (real) new millennium . . .rnJanuary 4-10, 2001rnto explorernThe Eternal City Through TimernReadings will include excerpts fromrnCicero, Vergil, Livy, Horace, Plutarch, and Gibbon.rnLectures and discussions will focus onrnthe Roman Republic, Imperial Rome, Medieval Rome, and Rome during the Renaissance.rnThe Convivium will include field trips to some of Rome’s greatest architectural,rnarcheological, artistic, and ecclesiastical wonders, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon,rnthe Capitoline Museum, the Scavi underneath Saint Peter’s, and as many ofrnRome’s magnificent basilicas and churches as we can squeeze in.rnThe price for the Convivium includes six nights at the Hotel Forum, a former convent turnedrnluxury hotel in the heart of old Rome; breakfast and dinner; and all lectures and discussions.rnFor more details, call Christopher Check, executive vice president, at (815) 964-5811.rnRates: • Single: $2,395.00 • Couple: $3,995.00rnName(s),rnAddressrnCity, State, Zip_rnPhone, Fax, E-mail_rnSend registration form with payment to:rnThe Rockford Institutern928 North Main StreetrnRockford, Illinois 61103rnrnrn