”A POWERFUL ANDrnMOVING NOVEL..rnA lANDAdARK EVENT.” “A powerful and moving novel of World War IIrnby one of Italy’s most acclaimed writers. Itsrnpublication in English is a landmarkrnevent. An unforgettablernnovel of the most catastrophicrnevent in history, written by onernwho lived through it.”rn—Carlo D’Este, AuthorrnPatton: A Genius For Warrn”A massive and massivelyrnimpressive novel in the finestrnand most accomplished traditionrnof the craft—one to relishrnfor a very long time to come.”rn—Michael Coren, AuthorrnThe Man Who Was Chestertonrn”A gripping volume that willrntake its place beside Homer’srnOdyssey, Virgil’s Aeneid and thernsuperb novels of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.”rn—Douglas KellyrnReformed Theological Seminaryrn”The Red Horse may be the greatest novel ofrnthe last 50 years, and Corti is certainly therngreatest Christian writer sincernTolkien. This is more thanrna compelling story withrnmemorable characters. This isrnnothing less than the saga ofrnour time.”rn—Thomas FlemingrnEditor, Chronicles Magazinern”The Red Horse is an epicrnhistorical novel that takes yourndeep into the richly texturedrnlife of 20th century Italy as itrngropes its way through thernpowerful political forces ofrnFascism and Communism,rnand the timeless light of thernChurch. As with all greatrnliterature, it is unstinting in its examinationrnof the human condition.”rn—Michael O’BrienrnAuthor, Father ElijahrnAN EPIC HISTORICAL NOVIL OF WORLD WAR IIrnThis European best-seller by Eugenio Corti,rnvoted the best Italian novel of the decade inrna public survey, is an epic historical novel aboutrnWorld War II and after, written from the author’srnown personal experiences as an Italian FreedomrnFighter. It is a profoundly moving account of thernwar, those who fought in it on both sides, andrnthe effects the war had on families in the author’srnhometown in Italy.rnOn a wider scale, it is a faithful witness to thernactual events of the war—including the historicrnpersonages who appear, the Russian campaign,rnthe Nazi barbarism, the Communist gulag, thernNorth Italian resistance, and the political life inrnthe two decades after the war.rnWhat makes this a masterpiece is the underlyingrnspiritual dimensions of the protagonist, his familyrnand friends, which illuminates the ongoing tragedyrnof the war and its aftermath. In the end, it is arnstory of faith and hope in a world reduced to barbarismrnand cruelty. A truly great historical novelrnwith an epic scope! woo pages, Sewn Hardcover, $29.95rnfgnaticis p R e s s p.o. BOX 1339, Ft. coiuns, co 80522 • i-800-65i-i53irnPlease rush me copies of The Red Horse ($29.95 ea)rnI enclose full payment plus $4.00 per book for shippingrnand handling. Q^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^jrnCity/State/Zip www.ignatius.com RH-CROrnNaine_rnAddress_rnrnrn