THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’SrnTHIRD ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOLrnA classical republic: the American Founders’ dream . . . The armed citizen: fromrnMarathon to the militia . . . The pagan prophets: why Christians should study Greekrn”The Greek Roots of Christendom”rn1-5 August 2000rnspecial lectures:rn”The Art of War m Ancient Greece” and “America’s Ylomeric Period”rnSpecial dinner event:rn”The Natural Law From Aristotle to Edmund Burke: A Tribute to Peter Stanlis”rnSpecial optional workshop for teachers and homeschooling parents:rn”Why It’s Necessary to Teach the Classics and How to Do It Right”rn(I August, 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.)rnBeautiful riverfront accommodations at Rockford’s newest hotel:rnCliffbreakers Convention Centerrn(Open to Students of All Ages!)rnDr. Roger McGrathrnProfessor of liistory at Pepperdine rnPfi.D. in fiistory from U.C.L.A. xrnN.B. Registrationrnis limited. Allrnprices increasern$50.00 after June 15.rnPrices do notrninclude requiredrnbooks.rnrrnDr. Thomas FlemingrnPresident of THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE and editor of ChroniclesrnPh.D. in classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel HilrnFr. Hugh Barbour, O Praem.rnPrior and Seminary lecturer at Saint Michael’s Abbey,rnTrabuco Canyon, CaliforniarnPh.D. in philosophy from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas AquinasrnDr. Paul GottfriedrnProfessor of humanities at Elizabethtown CollegernPh.D. in history from Yale Universityrnl^^eadinssrnAeschylu*rnSophoclesrnturipidesrnAristoptiane*rnTyrtaeusrnXtnophonrnHerodotusrnTKucydidesrnAristotlern?Utorn•Xl»6 OresteiarnPersiansrnOedipusrnAntigonernBacchaernArchanians/ CloudsrnSelected ?oetryrnAnabasisrnHistories PeloponnesianWarsrn-XuCon*”*””””rnof AthensrnApologyrntuthyphTornCritornPhaedorn-n^ SymposiumrnThe IliadrnName(s)_rnPlease enroll me in THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’S Third Annual Summer SchoolrnJj Full Registration (‘395.””)—includes tuition, lodging (double occupancy), and daily dinnerrn_J Full Registration, Single Occupancy (*495.'”‘)rnJl Commuter Registration (‘135.””) tuition onlyrn_J Commuter Registration plus daily dinner (*235.””)rn: j | Classical Curriculum Workshop (Single ’30.””/Couples ’50.””)rnincludes lunchrni j I cannot attend, but I want the Summer School to be a success.rnEnclosed is my contribution of $ _rn(For a gift of $500.”” or more, we’ll send you a complete set of the Summer School audiotapes.)rn_J Please send me a brochure.rnAddressrnCity, State, ZiprnPhonernPlease mail form with check to: The Rockford Institute • 928 North Main Street • Rockford, Illinois 61103rnQuestions? Call Aaron Wolf at (815) 964-5811rnrnrn