Modern Editions of Classic Works for Readers TodayrnTwiiigh; ofrnAuthorityrnTWILIGHT OF AUTHORITYrnBy Robert NisbetrnForeword by Robert G. PerrinrnWe had thought, or our forefathers had, that modern liberalrndemocracy would be spared the kind of erosion and decayrnthat both Plato and Aristotle declared endemic in all forms ofrnstate. Now we are not so sure.” So wrote Robert Nisbet in the firstrnedition of Twilight of Authority, published by Oxford UniversityrnPress in 1975, shortly after the resignation of President RichardrnNixon revealed what Nisbet called “only the most extreme andrncorrupt manifestation of a democratic royalism that has roots inrnseveral preceding administrations.” Nisbet argues that the politicalrncommunity in the West has broken down after two centuries ofrnascendancy. He believes that the West has entered “a twilight age”rnthat will be characterized by political and cultural crises similar tornthose that preceded the fall of Rome. He foresees the displacementrnof traditional, liberal society by centralized, collectivized power—rnwhat he terms “the war society,” driven by the rising power and expense of a hugely scaled military.rn”The centralization, and, increasingly, individualization of power is matched in the social and culturalrnspheres by a combined hedonism and egalitarianism, each in its own way a reflection of the destructivernimpact of power on the hierarchy that is native to the social bond,” he writes. Nisbet offers no prophecyrnof inevitable decline; rather, he means to call attention to “the problem of finding the means ofrngenerating a social order within which the individual can live and derive a spirit of initiative.”rnRobert Nisbet (1913-1996) was renowned worldwide for his scholarship in the history and philosophyrnof social and political thought. He taught at Columbia, the University of California at Berkeley, SmithrnCollege, and the University of Bologna, and was the author of several major works, including SocialrnChange and History and The Quest for- Community.rnRobert G. Perrin is Professor of Sociology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.rn263 + XV pages. Foreword, preface.rnHardcover $18.00 0-86597-211-7rnPaperback $10.00 0-86597-212-5rn(Indiana residents add 5% sales tax)rnCall 800-955-8335 I iKprh/ Fl mHrnFax 317-579-6060 MDMSll ^^^^ Fax 317-579-6060rnor write:rnWc payrnshipping onrnprepaid orders.rnS335 Allison PointeTriiil, Suite #300, Dept. SUA Indianapolis, IK 46250-1684rnE.x-plore Libert}’ Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Weh atrnwww. libertvfund.orgrnrnrn