Modern Editions of Classic Works for Readers TodayrnON HISTORY AND OTHER ESSAYSrnBy Michael OakeshottrnForeword by Timothy FullerrnIn five essays, including three on historiography, one of therngreatest minds in English political thought in the twentiethrncentury explores themes central to the human experience: thernnature of history, the rule of law, and the quest for power thatrnis intrinsic to the human condition. Michael Oakeshottrnbelieved, as Timothy Fuller observes, that “the historian’s effortrnto understand the past without ulterior motive [is the] effortrnwhich distinguishes the historian as historian from all whornexamine the past for the guidance they expect it to providernabout practical concerns.” The essays on history are “Present,rnFuture, and Past,” “Historical Events: The fortuitous, the causal,rnthe similar, the correlative, the analogous, and the contingent,”rnand “Historical Change: Identity and continuity.” In “ThernRule of Law,” Oakeshott takes the expression to mean arnparticular kind of ideal human relationship. In “The Towerrnof Babel”—in one of two essays he wrote by the same title andrnon the same subject—Oakeshott discusses the various versionsrnin which the Bible story has been told and the differentrncircumstances which it has been used to illuminate. On Historyrnwas originally published in 1983.rnMichael Oakeshott (1901-1990) was Professor of Political Science at the London School ofrnEconomics and a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. He was the author of many works,rnincluding Rationalism in Politics and Other Essays and Hobbes on Civil Association, both published byrnLiberty Fund.rnTimothy Fuller is Dean of Colorado College and has published widely on the works of Michael Oakeshott.rn220 + XX pages. Foreword, index.rnHardcover $20.00 0-86597-266-4rnPaperback $12.00 0-86597-267-2rn(Indiana residents add 5% sales tax)rnCall 800-955-8335 I i K p r t v Fl mrlrnF.v 117-570-/^0^0 i^ipeny r u n g Fax 317-579-6060rnor writernWe payrnshipping onrnprepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite #300, Dept. S12F, Indianapolis, IK 46250-1684rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Web atrnwww.Iibertvfund.orgrnrnrn