IF YOU DONT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING,rnANY TRAIN W i l l GET YOU THERErnWhere do you_ want America to go?rnFor which policies will you voternin November, 2000?rnBush Phillips Yourrnposition position positionrnGOP Presidential Candidate George W. Bush andrnConstitution Party Presidential Nominee Howard Phillipsrndiscuss the Year 2000 Campaign during an October 7 conversationrnCONSTITUTION PARTY PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE HOWARDrnPHILLIPS, married with six children and 12 grandchildren,rnis a native of Boston, Massachusetts who now lives withrnhis wife, Peggy, in Fairfax County, Virginia.rnSince 1974, as Chairman of The Conservative Caucus,rnPhillips has led national campaigns to keep America inrnPanama and get Red China out, to deploy a StrategicrnDefense Initiative, to defund the Left, and to stop socializedrnmedicine. As Director of the U.S. Office ofrnEconomic Opportunity, he fought to end Federal subsidiesrnto left-wing activist groups promoting abortion,rnhomosexuality and welfare rights, as well as challenges tornparental authority in education and family leadership.rnParrj’ National Committee, joe Sanger, TrensiirerrnFavors ProhibitingrnAll AbortionsrnOpposes U.S. Interventionrnin Bosnia and KosovornFavors WithdrawalrnFrom United NationsrnOpposes Federal Fundingrnof EducationrnFavors Restrictionsrnon ImmigrationrnOpposes Most-FavoredrnNation Status for Red ChinarnFavors U.S. Withdrawalrnfrom NAFTA and WTOrnOpposes Funding NationalrnEndowment for the ArtsrnFavors Preserving allrnSecond Amendment RightsrnOpposes Executive BranchrnEmployment of PracticingrnHomosexualsrnFavors Repeal of SixteenthrnAmendment, Abolition of IRS,rnand Replacement of IncomernTax with a Revenue Tariffrn»rn*rn•mrn#rn•rnmrnmrnmrn0rnmrnmrn*rn•rnNornNornNornNornNornNornNornNornNornNornNornYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnYesrnOpposes Federal Subsidyrnand Regulation of MedicalrnCarernNo YesrnCONSTITUTIONrnPARTYrn450 Maple Avenue EastrnVienna, Virginia 22180rnwww.constitutionparty.comrnContributions are not tax deductible.rnMaximum contributions of $20,000rnper person per year are allowed.rnrnrn