Italy and the United States Share a Common Story:rn1860’srnForged in civil wars:rnThe War Between the States andrnthe Risorgimentorn1930’srnOvercentraHzed by strongmen:rnFDR and MussohnirnTodayrnEach country faces seriousrnchallenges from regional andrncultural separatists.rnParticipants will stay at the delightfulrnHotel Asnigo, located on a hilltop in thernresort town of Cernobbio (playground ofrnFiat execs; ten minutes from downtownrnComoj, where they will enjoy breathtakingrnviews of Ijake Como and the Alps.rnConference price includes all lecturesrnand meetings, three nights at the tlotelrnAsnigo, breakfast and dinner each day.rnFor more details, call Christopher Check,rnExecutive Vice President, atrn(815)964-5811.rnJoinrnChronicles editors Thomas Fleming, Chilton Williamson, Jr., andrnMichael Hill, along with novelist Eugenic Corti, journalist MarcornRespinti, and othersrnforrnan exclusive conference on Lake ComornMay 24-27, 2000rnto explorernThe Rise (and Fall?) of Modem Italy and the United Statesrnwithrn”•-Lectures on Italian politics, history, literature, and operarn”-Informal discussions and visits to historic sitesrn–Meetings with Italian political and intellectual leadersrnandrn”- an optional “add-on” sight-seeing trip (four to fic days) to some of thernmost beautiful towns of Northern Italy: Bergamo, Mantoa, Ferrara, Parma.rn^ ^ ^ • ^rnCome experience the real Italy rather than the Disne}’ versionrnof chain hotels and guided tours.rnEarly Bird (Before February 1, 2000) • Single: $850.00 • Couple: $1,450.00rnN.B.: All Prices increase $145.00 after Februarv 1, 2000.rnName(s)_rnAddress_rnCity, State, Zip_rnPhonernSend registration form with payment to:rnThe Rockford InstituternAttn: Christopher Check, Executive Vice Presidentrn928 North Main StreetrnRockford, Illinois 61103rnrnrn