^le^^o/in f7la/i€fo//:>A GlitA Gonie^ to^xx^/ofu/rn2001: the 225thrnanniversary ofrnthe AmericanrnRevolution and thern25th anniversaryrnof Chronicles andrnThe RockfordrnInstitute.rn.>*1»-^rn<^°;<^^^^rnThe Rockford InstituternandrnChronicles: A Magazine of American CulturernPresents:rnThe 12th Annual Meeting ofrnTHE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUBrn”Tyranny and Revolution”rnNovember 9-10, 2001rnSince the Revolution, limited government, personal liberty, and states’ rights have beenrnground away by the forces of the counterrevolution that concentrated political powerrnin Washington, economic power in New York, and cultural power in Hollywood,rnManhattan, and a handful of anti-American universities.rnThomas Jefferson thought a little revolution now and then was the best remedy for concentratedrnpower. For 25 years, The Rockford Institute and Chronicles have been assembling thernkindling and the spark for the cultural counter-counterrevolution to restore the Old Republic.rnThis year’s meeting will assess the prospects for this revolution, with speeches by:rnThomas Fleming, Samuel Francis, Joe Sobran, Donald Livingston, Roger McGrath,rnI.O. Tate, Scott P. Richcrt, Aaron D. Wolf, and othersrnBy holding the meeting in Rockford, we intend to commemorate both the founding of the Institute and Chroniclesrnand to take advantage of Rockford’s peculiar recent history as “a laboratory of social experimentation”rn(as one federal judge described our massive school-desegregation experiment in taxation without representation).rnCLIFFBREAKERS RIVER SUITES HOTELrn700 WES T RIVERSIDE BOULEVARDrnROCKFORD, ILLINOISrn”OVERLOOKING THE BEAUTIFUL ROCK RIVER”rnRooms are available at a special rate of $59.00 per night single/double occupancy.rnCall (815) 282-3033 and mention the John Randolph Club.rnSpecial Saturday Night Banquetrn25 Years of Chronicles and The Rockford InstituternN A M K ( S ) (AS I HTY SHOtlli) AI’I’EAR ON NAMI I ( s)rnADDRESSrnFULL REGISTRATION (PANELS, FRIDAY NK.HT RHCJUPTKIN AND OPFNINC; ADDRESS, TRC MEMBKR -rnSATURDAY I.UNCHF.ON, SADJRDAY NIGH’E BANQUET, ANDrnStiNc.iEST) NON-MKMBER .rnSATURDAY PANELS ONLY (No MEAES OR RECEPTIONS)rnSATURDAY NIGHT BANQUET ONLYrnMEMBER OR NON-MEMBER .rnMEMBER OR NON-MEMBER [email protected] $175.””‘•’[email protected]”””[email protected]$100.”””[email protected]$ 90.'”‘”=$_rnTOTAL ENCLOSED $_rn1 cannot attend the annual meeting, but 1 would like it to be a success. Enclosed is my conttibution of $rnMake checks payable to The John Randolph Club and mail with completed form tornJRC, The Rockford Institute, 928 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103rn• * ^rnrnrn