THE STORY OF KOSOVOrnAS IT HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD BYrnTHE WESTERN MEDIA AND POLITICIANSrn^”ROlARI’Mi:^V:rn’I’hc objective oftlie book is to providf a concise,rnreadable sunmian’ of tlie Kosovo crisis.rnIlic aulliors have briefly, but autlioritativcly,rncovered the complex historical background to thernKoso() problem, as well as the mvriad of politicalrnand diplomatic games prior to the bombiug caui-rn])aign. Legal, strategic and moral implications of thernwar are also dealt with in some detail.rn’f1ie book’s appendix contains the hdl text of thernint’amous Rambouillet ‘•agreement,” which ha.s notrnbeen published in the “mainstream” Westernrnmedia.rnThe Kcwnv Dctanicr is a definite “nuist read” forrnever) one interested in the former Yugoslavia. Itrnmakes an elocjuent and conclusive case against therninter”ention. It is to be hoped that this book willrnfind its wa to university libraries, journalists andrnpoliticians invoked in Balkan affairs.rn(Voice of Canadiaji Sed)s, Jul) 29, 1999)rnTHE KOSOVO DOSSIER includes essays by prominent journalists, historians and political scientists from bothrnsides of the Atlantic and from Australia. Their critique of U.S. policy and NATO is sharp but well documented, freernfrom the propaganda bias that typifies so much Wester coverage of the Balkans.rnAfter a thoughtful Foreword by Thomas Fleming and an Introduction by the book’s editor, Srdja Trifkovic, read a superbrnsummary of Kosovo’s history by Alex Dragnich and Dusan Batakovic. Other contributions include Clinton’s War:rnjustifications and Reality (Jim Jatras); The Set-up at Rambouillet (Ronald Hatchett); Why Kosovo? (Will Grigg); KLA:rnFrom “Terrorists” to “Partners” (U.S. Senate RPC); Letter to Tony Blair (Hugh Macdonald); NATO and InternationalrnLaw (Raju Thomas); Legality of the Use of Force (Peter Radan); “Mass Graves” and the Indictment of Milosevic (SrdjarnTrifkovic); and an Afterword (Michael Stenton).rnORDER ONE COPY FOR YOURSELF AND SEVERAL FOR THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW!rnORDER FORMrnPlease send me copies of The Kosovo Dossier.rnI enclose US$12.°° (postage included) for each copy payable to The Lord Byron Foundation.rnName.rnC i t y _rnAdd ressrnMali to: The Lord Byron Foundationrn2400 Whiskey Road PMB 175rnAiken, South CaroHna 29803rnState/Prov, ZIP Codern(803) [email protected]