UsTASA: CROATIAN SEPARATISM AND EUROPEAN POLITICS,rn1929-1945rnBy Srdja Trifkovicrn(London and Aiken, SC: The Lord Byron Foundation:rn323 pp.; $19.00; ISBN 1-892478-01-3)rn”^1^ T ations cannot be invented, but even authentic nations, inrnI^LI asserting their identities, often rely on myths and down-rn.JL. m rijht lies. Up to a point such myths are harmless and exercise irnpositive influence. But nationalist myths are not always naive or innocent. Everyrnnation has a record ofhi^h crimes and misdemeanors.rnThe Croats are in a similar position, but their crimes against Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies, becausernthey are more recent, are mixed almost inextricably with the myth-making of Croatian nationalism.rnThe record of Croatian atrocities committed during the brief period of the JJstasa staternshould speak for itself. Unfortunately, that record has been obscured for a variety of reasons. Butrnnations are nourished on truth, not lies, and the peoples of the Balkans—and those who would presumernto tell them how to live—have an urgent need of the truth that only historical scholarship canrnprovide.rnSrdja Trifkovic has written such a book, filled with passion for the truth and for giving justicernto victims and to oppressors alike, but a book without rancor or malice. He has produced a mostrnimpressive piece of work on the western Balkans before and during the Second World War.rnHe illuminates the responsibility of both Germans and Italians in setting up arnmurderous puppet regime whose strings were pulled, now by the Duce, now by the Fiihrer. Thernresult significantly adds to our understanding, not only of the history of southeastern Europernbetween 1929 and 1945 but also of the genesis of that long-suffering region’s more recentrncrisis.rnThe path to sanity and maturity, both in the Balkans and in America, must be blazed by scholarsrnand writers who have the courage and stamina to recover the past. That is why this book is sornimportant.rn—From the foreword by Dr. Thomas Flemingrncopies of Ustasa: Croatian Separatism and European Politics. Please send mern1 have enclosed a check or money order for $21.00 per book ($19.00 for the book andrn$2.00 shipping and handling).rnNamernAddressrnCity_rnState/ZlP_rnPlease make check payable to:rnThe Lord Byron Foundationrn2400 Whiskey Road #175rnAiken, SC 29803rnrnrn