can people so intermingled geographicallyrn—many of them more or lessrnforcibly so, by order of the federal governmentrn—possibly disentangle themselvesrnfrom one another and withdraw;rnassuming, of course, that they wished torndo so? So far no one has discovered suchrna means, but where the will is, there’s arnway. And if physical separation shouldrnever come to pass, the result will surelyrnbe big trouble: not so much secession asrna sorting out, perhaps of the kind that ourrnleaders in Washington are simultaneouslyrnprohibiting and promoting in EasternrnEurope.rnJudging by the hate-filled voices, hystericalrnwith the sense of approaching triumph,rnlately arising from the floor of thernHouse, the people who have succeededrnin deconstructing America —togetherrnwith their beneficiaries and janissarieshavernconcluded that the displacement ofrnthe old America by the new is already accomplished,rnand that all that is left is therntask of mopping up the messes left by thernlast senescent English spaniels, trappingrnor poisoning the few remaining micernhiding out in the wainscoting of the familyrnmanse. Yet, as Sam Francis has suggestedrnin an article published recently inrnthis magazine, the awakening—howeverrnlate —of the Euro-American majority isrnall but inevitable, while history offers nornreason to suppose that, once aroused,rnthey will not fight, and that, fightingrnagain, their valor and martial spirit rediscovered,rnthey will fail to give battle betterrnthan they receive it. The specter of thisrnawakening is what progressives fear most:rnIt is why politically correct opinion inrnthis country reflexively and massively retaliatesrnagainst the slightest show of resentmentrnevinced, the briefest note ofrnanger sounded, by the old American majority.rnThe House impeachment hearingsrnthat so glaringly revealed social andrnracial divisions in this country set thernUnited States Senate up, however inadvertently,rnby forcing its hand to reveal thernmoral and political corruption of thernAmerican ruling class. Cicero, in his OnrnMoral Duties, insisted that the citizen’srnhighest duty is to his commonwealth andrnthe society that produced it. Unamuno,rna couple of millennia later, believed thatrnthe social entides we call nations sharernwith the “I” —the individual man—personalityrnas well as continuity: that they,rnin fact, are persons too. You might supposernthat no act is too monstrous to expectrnof a class of people who, after theyrnhave been duly elected by their fellowrncitizens to act as public servants and custodiansrnof the commonweal, choose insteadrnto betray their trust by assassinatingrnthe national “I” in a blizzard of knifernwounds behind the arras—and you’d bernright, of course.rnAmong the cutlery to hand are productsrnforged by a deliberate and systematicrnmisuse of language and logic, to thernend that “criminal” is redefined as “inappropriate,”rnadult men and women cannotrndetermine whether the fondling ofrngenitalia is intended to “arouse,” and thernword “immoral” is blotted from the dictionaryrnof the English language. As laternas the days of Abraham Lincoln’s youth,rnlawyers were the most respected figuresrnin American society, including that ofrnthe backwoods: Since approximately therntime of the Lincoln presidency, theirrnreputation has declined so far as to makernthem the butt of a popular humor farrnmore deadly—on account of being morerndeeply felt—than any ethnic joke everrnheard of (“I’d like to speak with LawyerrnJones, please.” “I recognize your voice!rnYou’re the man who called yesterday,rnand the day before that. I’ve told yournthree times. Lawyer Jones is dead!” “Irnknow that, ma’am. But I just love hearingrnit.”) Last January, a federal judge inrnBrooklyn ruled—about the time PresidentrnClinton was being “acquitted butrnnot exonerated”—that three major armsrnmanufacturers had violated the law byrn”oversupplying” guns in Southern statesrnwhere gun control laws are relaxed, inrnthe hope and expectation that the “excess”rnsales would find their way north intornthe hands of the Yankee criminalrnclass. With legal arguments like this beingrnrewarded with a verdict in a court ofrnlaw, it hardly matters that the underclassrnhas been so corrupted and envenomedrnby the ruling one that the jury system isrnclose to breakdown anyway. Whenrnwords lose their meaning, people loserntheir freedom. Orwell might have addedrnthat when people have no fireedom (verbalrnor otherwise), meaning has no wordsrnto express itselfrnNor should we Westerners be illusioned:rnThe rot has spread as far asrnhere—the mythical apotheosis of Americanrntmth, firmness, honor, and strength—rnas Eastern ideas. Eastern manners, andrn(above all) Eastern people have arrivedrnto dilute and pervert the old Western culturernthrough the creation of a liberalized,rneffete, dishonest, and increasinglyrndangerous political climate.rnAs the whole world knows, the InternationalrnOlympic Committee is beingrninvestigated on charges of having acceptedrnbribes from the commissioners sentrnby Salt Lake City to bid to have theirrngreat municipality chosen as the site ofrnthe Winter Olympic Games in 2002.rnThe worthy ambassadors, it is alleged, offeredrnsexual favors, sports equipment,rnscholarships, and other emoluments as arnmeans of furthering their suit. And howrndoes counsel for the plaintiffs plead?rnThis way, according to a report broadcastrnby National Public Radio:rnThe good people of Salt Lake Cityrnand the State of Utah are a highly moralrnand principled people. They are goodrnpeople who deeply desired the chance tornhost the Olympics in February, 2002.rnThey therefore sent trusted commissionersrnto bid for the honor on their behalf Arnterrible thing, alas, befell these commissionersrnin the course of their mission.rnHaving ventured bravely into the gentilernworld beyond the Salt Lake Valley tornmeet with the IOC and plead their case,rnthey made a shocking discovery. Ultramontanernpeoples fail to share, or they ignore,rnthe principles and morals of SaltrnLakers and Utahns! What to do? Therngood people of SLC and the State ofrnUtah wish desperately to host theserngames; therefore, they deserve to. Theirrnrepresentatives must, in consequence,rnbow to reality and lower the moral barrnthat would prevent them from runningrnthe good race and attaining the laurels byrnoffering “contributions” —just like in arndemocratic political campaign!—to thernmost sympathetic of the IOC members.rnAnd so, “This is what has brought us hererntoday”; this is what has led, not to criminalrnactions, but simply to what might berntermed—how does one say it? — “inappropriate”rnactivities. .. .rnSo: The Blob-the Sludge, the NewrnWorld Order, the Pod People from Marsrnwho have taken over Washington, D.C.;rnthe Horror! — is coming for those of us,rntoo, who wish for nothing more in lifernthan to be left alone in peace, at homernon the range. You can run, but you can’trnhide. It’s the last lesson of the frontierrnand the hardest to learn, too: the DiscouragingrnWord. If only we old Americansrncan have Cascadia when we needrnit, perhaps the best we may hope for is torncut a deal with the noble Chicano, allowingrnhim to take the southernmost halfrnof the Creat American Desert and buildrnhis beloved Nation of Azdan there. Wernget the upstream water rights, though, crn50/CHRONICLESrnrnrn