Classic Works for Readers TodayrnVIEW OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATESrnWith Selected WritingsrnBy St. George TuckerrnForeword by Clyde N. WilsonrnAs professor of law at the College of William and Mar}’, St. GeorgernTucker in 1803 published View of the Constitution—the firstrnextended, systematic commentary on the United States Constitutionrnafter its ratification and later its amendment by the Bill of Rights. Viewrnwas originally part of Tucker’s “Americanized” or “republicanized” editionrnof the multivolume Commentaries on the Laws of England by Sir WilliamrnBlackstone. Generations of American law students, lawyers, judges, andrnstatesmen learned their Blackstone —and also their understanding ofrnthe Constitution—through Tucker As Clyde N. Wilson notes, “Tuckerrnis the exponent of Jeffersonian republicanism . . . in contrast to the commercialrnrepublicanism of New England that has since the Civil War beenrntaken to be the only true form of American philosophy.” In addition tornthe entirety of View, the Liberty Fund volume includes seven otherrnessays from Tucker’s renowned edition of Blackstone. These include “On the Study of Law,” “Of the Unwritten,rnor Common Law of England,” and “Of the Several Forms of Government.”rnSt. George Tucker (1752-1827) was an officer in the American Revolutionary Army, a professor of law, justice ofrnthe Supreme Court of Virginia, judge of the Federal District Court for Virginia by appointment of PresidentrnJames Madison, progenitor of a long line of jurists and scholars, and stepfather of John Randolph of Roanoke.rnClyde N. Wilson is Professor of History and Editor of The Papers of John C. Calhoun at the University ofrnSouth Carolina.rn478 + xxvi pages. Foreword, sources, note on the text, index.rnHardcover $19.00rnPaperback $10.00rn(Indiana residents add 5% sales tax)rn0-86597-200-1rn0-86597-201-XrnCall 800-955-8335 j U,OY\I Fi i n r i ^e payrnFax 317-579-6060 ^ ‘ ” ^ ^ V ^ ” ” ‘ ^ UPS shipping onrnor write: prepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite #300, Dept. S12N, Indianapolis, IN 46250-1684rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Web atrnw^A’w.libertyfund.orgrnrnrn