At Last!rnA book that exposes the true cultural significancernThe Nonpatriotic President: A Surveyrnby Janet Scott BarlowrnWhitewater . . . Filegate . . . Monica LernThe scandals are only the beginningrnIf vou think that Bill Clinton’s influence will end when hernleaves office, you need to read this book. With her inimitablernwit and devastating logic, Janet Scott Barlow assessesrnthe real —and lasting—damage wrought by the Clintonrnpresidenc)’.rn”The letter carriers think they have toted some sacks ofrnangry, pro-Clinton mail! Just wait, h is going to be veryrneasy to get mad at Mrs. Barlow. The lady swings a meanrnrolling pin. (Would Hillary regard that metaphor as sexist?rnGood, let’s keep it.)”rn— From the hitrodnction by William Murchisonrnof the Dallas Mowing NewsrnThe Nonpatriotic President features 20 hard-hitting chapters,rnincluding: ‘”My Nixon,” “Connnimication asrnManipulation,” “Hillaryland,” “It’s About Sex,” “Don’trnAsk, Don’t Tell,” and “The Politics of Arrogance.”rn•1 H’tJCrn”nxli NONPATRIOTICrnPRESIDENTrnrr Ofrn^sTTs^rn.;iinton YeaisrnJ/iNET SCOTT BARLOWrnBook Order Form (please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)rnSoftcover Price $15.95rn($12.95 + $3.00 shipping and handling each)rnX QuantityrnTotalrnPlease mail form (with payment) to;rnCtironicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris, IL 61054rno r , to o r d e r t o l l – f r e e ,rnc a l l 1 – 8 0 0 – 3 9 7 – 8 1 60rnAJSB5rnNamernAddressrnCitv/Staie/ZiprnCheck or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: | MasterCard | | VisarnCard #rnExpiration DaternSignaturern1 1 Am exrnrnrn