Berlhz AnnouncesnA Breakthroughn(Literally)nin Self-StudynLanguagenLearning.nIntroducing ThenBerlitz Think andnTalkâ„¢ Program…nwith a 30-aaynrisk-free trial.nAvailable inn• Frenchn• Spanish • Germann• ItaliannIt’s new. It’s totally unique. It’s the first self-study languagenprogram based on the world-famous Berlitz Method.nWhat is the Berlitz Method?nFor years, the Berlitz Language Centers have been teachingnforeign languages, with amazing speed, without usingnany English translation. Berlitz teachers immerse theirnstudents 100% in their new language, using gestures, pictures,nobjects, and other “situational cues” to convey tontheir students the meanings of the words and phrases theynare hearing. It is this proven method that has made Berlitznthe language learning source for Fortune 500 companiesnwhose businesses depend on having their executives learnnto speak a foreign languagefast.nIs Think and Talk Really Different?nfes. Instead of visual cues, the Berlitz Think and Talkntapes use sound effects (a car starting, a door slamming, anclock striking, etc.) to “imprint” you with the meanings ofnthe words and phrases you’re hearing. You quickly form an”direct association” between the words that you hear andnthe objects they represent, without having to stop andntranslate into and out of English. Think and Talk blendsnthese sound effects with audio cues and printed illustrationsnto make a unique language learning experience. It’s anrevolutionary approach to self-studynAnd because it’s on tape, you can learn at your ownnpace, anytime, anywhere you can take a cassette tape. Eachnprogram contains an introductory cassette, 6 lesson cassettes,n2 illustrated texts, and a bilingual pocket dictionary,nall packed in a compact carrying case.nWhat If I Don’t Like Think and Talk?n”Vbu risk no money to try Think and Talk. If you are notnentirely satisfied, for any reason, simply return the programnwithin 30 days and receive a full refund with nonquestions asked.nImportant Reminder: Think and Talk may be taxndeductible if used for business purposes.nRnLn^^^^ For your convenience on credit card orders dial toll freen^ ^ p 1 -800-228-2028 Extension #828 and ask for Dept .2849n(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)nComplete and mail to:nBerlitz Publications Inc., Dept 2849nP.O. Box 506. 900 Chester AvenuenDelran, NJ 08075nD Send me the following Berlitz Think and Talk Program(s), $145.00neach plus $7.50 for shipping and insured delivery If not satisfied, Inmay return the course within 30 days for a full refund, with nonquestions asked.nD Spanish 86188nD German 86186nPLEASE CHECK METHOD OF PAYMENT:nD French 86185nD Italian 86187nD Payment enclosed (check or money order payable to Berlitz)nn Charge my credit card:nCard#.nName-nAddress-nDVISAnn American Expressnn Master CardnD Diners ClubnExpir. Date.nCity – State- -Zip_nnnSignaturenMgnature in_ _^ __^ ^^ N.Y. and N.J, residents add sales tax. ^__ __ _^_ Innn