homosexuality, chances are itnwasn’t very accurate. There’s sonmuch misunderstanding aboutnthis minority group. Yes, that’snwhat it is — a non-ethnic,nnon-racial minority group.nMaybe you hear other kidsnusing words like queer, faggot,nor dyke. Or perhaps you’renafraid of your own sexualnfeelings. If these issues arentroubling you, we’re glad youncalled. . . .nFor some members of thenhuman race, the pull towardsntheir own sex is just as strong asnthe majority of humans arenpulled towards the opposite sex.nMany teenagers have same-sexnexperiences while they arenexploring who they are sexually,nbut that doesn’t necessarilynmean they’re homosexuals. . . .nYou may be feeling verynalone right now, as you searchnfor your true sexual identity.nYou may be wondering if othernpeople can tell, or may benfrightened by what you arenfeeling or experiencing. Butnremember: There are other kidsnwho are feeling just like you do.nIf you’d like more information,nthere are excellentnresources to learn more aboutnhomosexuality. The NationalnGay/Lesbian Crisis Linenat . . . can get you in touchnwith resources in your area.nThat number again is. . . .nThank you.nOn June 10, 1991,1 called Ms. AnnnWhitaker and had a news reporter listeningnon the line. Characterizing myselfnas one sympathetic to the homosexualnagenda, I encouraged Ms. Whitakernto “open up.” And gush forth she did,nadmitting that “a group of progressivenQuakers from the Madison area wrotenthe tape on homosexuality, and of allnthe tapes, we are proudest of that one,nbecause we worked so hard on it.”nNurse Whitaker said that the purposenof that tape “is to tell kids theynshould experiment with homosexualnacts in order to discover their true sexualnidentities. We don’t corrie across withnany value judgments here about thatnsort of thing. We leave it up to the kids.”nWhen I told her that I thought suchnopen-mindedness was particulariy importantnin light of societal attitudesntoward homosexuality, Ms. Whitakernstated: “What we do, when we put antape package into place in a local community,nis first we put the non-controversialntapes into place, and then whennthe vocal minority — the fundamentalists—nare not watching, we slip thencontroversial tapes, like the one onnhomosexuality, into place.”nOne wonders if anyone anywherenhas ever revealed more fully the deceptionnand hidden agenda of the radicalngay lobby whose new epicenter is Madison.nAnd note how tragically ironic it isnthat a “suicide prevention counselingnservice” — as the Switchboard of Miaminmarkets itself and Link Line —nsings the praises of teenaged homosexuality.nAs the University of Minnesotanreported last May 30 in its joint studynwith the University of Washington, 30npercent of gay or bisexual teenagednmales attempt suicide. Teenaged malenhomosexuality increases suicide in “annalarming proportion,” the study concluded.nDennis Byrne, member of the editorialnboard of the Chicago Sun-Times,nrecently wrote of the ACLU’s litigativenassault upon the school system of EastnTroy, Wisconsin, which has dared tonopt for an abstinence-based sex educationalncurriculum called “Sex Respect,”nsuch as is mandated by ignorednFlorida law. Not surprisingly — butndefinitely revealingly — the ACLU hasnhired its own sex experts; these are, innthe words of Byrne, “two University ofnWisconsin-Madison profs who criticizenthe curriculum for everything from itsnsupposed lack of balance (insensitivitynto the concerns of buddy gay kids) to itsn’linguistic bias’ as demonstrated by thentest’s ‘consistent use of generic “he”nand sex-biased words’ (something, itnstrikes me, as pretty hard to avoid in ansex manual).” The Wall Street Journalnon June 13, 1991, editorialized againstnthe ACLU on this matter unmindfulnthat the University of Wisconsin-nMadison is literally selling this propromiscuity,npro-homosexuality notnjust in East Troy but around the nation.nA group of concerned citizens innDade County, Florida, has seen (andnheard) enough. After being ignored bynthe state, by local school officials, andnby the local and national United Way,nnnparents formed an ad hoc group calledn”Parents Opposing Propaganda innSchools” (POPS). On July 15, 1991,nPOPS announced to a huge gatheringnof local print and electronic media ancountywide boycott of United Way ofnDade County, which bought the tapes,nwhich funds Switchboard of Miami,nand which refuses, after its board addressednthe question, to do anythingnabout this illegal sex and drug curricula.nThe idea of the boycott was to hitnUnited Way with a public relationsnnightmare in the midst of their annualnplea for donations.nIt is fascinating to note that thenchairman of the board of Dade’s UnitednWay, Tony Burns, who also happensnto be chairman, CEO, and presidentnof the Ryder truck company, toldnme face-to-face, in a meeting on July ,n2, that “I am personally appalled at thencontents of the tapes.” However, Mr.nBurns’ disgust is not matched by hisnpersuasiveness, for on the next day henwas told by his United Way board thatnit would do nothing to distance itselfnfrom the Link Line tapes it paid for.nBy the time this article is published,na Dade County rally will have beennheld to further recruit from the communitynparents and others who arenunwilling to have their United Wayncharitable donations and their taxpayerndollars go to a deceptive, illegal, pervertednassault upon their children. Anlawsuit against the State of Florida, thenState of Wisconsin, United Way,nSwitchboard of Miami, and the DadenCounty School Board seems inevitablenunless the illegal activity stops. I contactednthe governor of Wisconsin’snoffice last summer, after which thengovernor’s chief-of-staflF wrote to thenUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison’snvice chancellor of health sciences, saying:n”Senior staff in our office havenreviewed transcripts of the tapes innquestion, and we are concerned aboutnthe content of some of the tapes. Wenrequest that you review the content ofnthe tapes and advise of what changesnyou believe are appropriate.”nOne final point: Link Line is not anlocal aberration. It is the latest creaturenof an organization called the Committeenfor Economic Development, headquarterednon Madison Avenue. ThenCED has, by its own admission, ann”interlocking board” with the Councilnon Foreign Relations. Both the CEDnDECEMBER 1991/45n