Expect the unexpectedn^ …from reasonnil II ^nt&mnWHnHOW to secure P»aKn»MMW«st ^ •n•””-HKtSAM COIJP”niSsWM***nIMMMUMVn«r» ••*«•’*’••*nWho writes for Reason? Some ofnAmerica’s best writers and most incisiventiiinlcers—including Tom Bethell, EdithnEfron, James Oberg, Alan Reynolds, WilliamnTucker, and Walter Williams, tonname a few. It’s no wonder a recent surveynshowed that Reason is America’s fastestgrowingnmagazine of ideas.nYou can ry Reason now at 40 percent offnthe regular price—only $15 a year. Justnsend in the coupon —and start expectingnthe unexpected in your mailbox.nYou may not agree with everything you read in Reason —butnwe guarantee you won’t be bored. Reason’s editors look behind thenheadlines to dig out stories that don’t even occur to other media.nFor instance:n• The SEC versus the First Amendment. For decades the Sec-n^9MB|M urities and Exchange Commission has been subjectingnuKS^H financial newsletters to licensing and censorship.n^^n Shortly after Reason blew the whistle, a federal courtnruled that the SEC was violating the First Amendment.n• Defense rigs the tests. A detailed/?ea5on expose ofnconflict of interest in the testing of new weapons led tona “60 Minutes” broadcast and legislation to set up annindependent testing office.nReason’s nose for news extends to little-noticed goodnnews, as well. Among our recent discoveries:n• Towering entrepreneurs. Last year/^ea^on discovered anrapidly growing industry—private firms that operate airportn^ control towers for half what it costs the usual operator, thenfederal government. If private operation were extended tonsmall airports alone, taxpayers could save 560 millionna year.n• Vermont’s vouchers. Most people think education vouchersnare just a gleam in Milton Friedman’s eye, hut Reason foundnthat they have been used in Vermont for decades, giving parents anchoice of schools.nReason also turns up provocative proposals for change:n• A wall against war for Israel. In this controversial article, SamnCohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, proposed making Israel’snborders secure by means of a permanent radiation barrier—a hightechnversion of an electric fence.n• Private weather forecasting. An economic journalist surveyed thenpotential market for weather forecasts and concluded that the taxpayersndon’t need to keep government in the business of providingnweather data. Specific customers (airlines, shippers, newspapers,nbroadcasters) can and should pay for the information they value.nREASON, Box 27977, San Diego, CA 92128nSign me up for a yearnof REASON.nn My $15 paymentnis enciosed.nn Piease biil me for $15.nYOUR NAMEnADDRESSn(Please print)nCharge my credit card.nD Visa D MastercardnCard NumbernExp. DatenSignaturenCITY .STATE ZIPnPlease allow six weeks for delivery. Add $8.00 if delivery is outside North America ($36.00 for airmail).nCanadians: Postal money orders in U.S. dollars only. 2026nnn