have no ready answers. What I do know is that we neednmore, not less discussion from journalists and scholars whosenchecks are not signed in Tokyo or Seoul. In the not distantnfuture, we hope, these discussions.will lead to the formationnof a new political coalition that will not be content withnslowing the federal government’s rate of growth; if a patientnis suffering from a malignant tumor, what kind of a doctornwould confine his treatment to chemotherapy to slow thengrowth, and narcotics to numb the pain? The federalngovernment is just that malignant tumor, and all thenconservative Republican doctors can offer are smaller taxnincreases than the Democrats want, and an infinite numbernof speeches, magazine articles, and background reportsnjustifying the welfare state, democratic globalism, and a warnthat was designed to benefit every country in the worldnexcept the United States.nIt is too late to think about conserving. There is not muchnleft of the old Republic, which has been bloated into answollen and cancerous empire that threatens to devour allnthe life and energy that still exists. We don’t need to reformnthe nation; we need to take it back from the occupying armynof government officials and managers and interest groupsnthat treat the citizenry like a conquered people.nWe need to take back the streets from the criminal classesnthat now possess them.nWe need to take back the courts from the protectors ofnthose same criminal classes.nWe need to take back the Congress and state legislaturesnIN THE MIND’S EYEnVisual Thinkers, Gifted People with Learning Difficulties,nComputer Images, and the Ironies of CreativitynThomas G. WestnIn this challenging exploration of the complexities of creativity, ThomasnG. West examines the effects of learning disabilities on the lives ofnten famous visual thinkers, including Einstein, Edison, Churchill, andnYeats. Citing studies that show an association between visual talents andnverbal difficulties, West summarizes current knowledge about suchnlearning difficulties as dyslexia. According to West, society is on thenthreshold of a significant shift toward visual information analysis; hengoes so far as to predict that creative visual thinkers, aided by computers,nwill be at the forefront of innovation in a dramatically changing society.nWest also examines applications for interactive computers at all levelsnof education and work. A gallery of visual images is included tonsupport his discussions.n357 pages (Index • Bibliography • Photographs & Illustrations) Cloth $24.95nAt better bookstores, or order directly fromnPrometheus BooksnCall toll free (800) 421-0351 (24 Hours)n59 John Glenn Drive • Amherst, NY 14228-2197nAdd $3.00 p&h; NY State residents add sales la.x.n12/CHRONICLESnnnfrom the lawyers and politicians who govern only in theirnown interests.nWe need to take back all the power and wealth that hasnturned Washington from a sleepy Southern town into thenmost gaudy imperial capital in the world.nBut none of this is possible so long as the so-callednconservative opposition remains stuck in the rut of anticommunistnleftism. There are socialists and radicals today whosenethical and cultural principles are well to the right ofnWashington conservatism. With the end of the Cold War,nand in the dawn of the New World Order, the oldnanticommunist alliance has lost whatever utility it mightnonce have had. Whatever new coalitions may form, they willnbe on the basis of what we are for, not just what we arenagainst, and red-baiting will no longer constitute an automaticnticket of admission for any ex-Trotskyist bully boynpurged by the left.nThen what will become of the official consei’vatism ofnWashington and New York? In the short run, we can predictna brilliant success. They have a lock on all the money and allnthe institutions created by the right; they have established ancozy relationship with the leftist establishment media whonrecognize them for what they are: safe and well-groomednlapdogs who bark but never bite. When the day comes thatnthey are no longer needed, the conservatives will be treatednlike a lower-class sweetheart picked up for a summer affair. Inonly hope they’re given carfare for the long ride home backnto their side of town. n