integrationists are communists. BothnTate and Poppa see Allie’s place as in thenkitchen, and they react with irritationnwhen she speaks her mind. The only enlightenednmen are a sheriff and a districtnattorney from other counties, and a blacknman who was falsely accused of killingnAllie’s mother. The black man is one ofnthe few healthy people about, and he’ncomes to function as an oracle: in hisnresigned and ironic way he utters devastatingncriticisms of the South and ofnAmerica as a whole.nIt is difficult to reconcile the sensitivitynof Joan Williams with the crudenessnof her morality play. The liberal imaginationndeals in abstractions and prejudices,nbut it cannot conceive of thingsnconcretely in their full, complex reality.nAUie is the Oppressed Woman searchingnfor “meaning”; the men are obscurantistnand effeminate; the abused black man isnthe only one capable of social perspective.nHe is imprisoned but escapes, andnAUie visits him, a priori thinks himninnocent, and goes on a quest to clearnhis name, during which time she runsnfor constable. In this traditionally malenThe Nobel Prize DonahuenHeinrich Boll: The Safety Net; AlfrednA. Knopf; New York.nPaul Horgan: Mexico Bay; Farrat,nStraus & Giroux; New York.nby Betsy ClarkenL