XjklL ^Xd^^ V • -a.>n— Civil War Press Corpsn^^ ^^ SlSSffifenSoudiem Rartisannhas arrived.nThe Conservative bice of the Unreconstructed**^nPresented With Wit and Style*nRead Andrew Lyde, Russell Kirk, M.E. Bradford,nF. Reid Buckley, unpublished work by Richard Weaver,nand more…in the magazine you’ve been waiting for.n”For those concernednabout preservingnSouthern culture.”n-Human Eventsn•’A group of writersn(convinced) that the timenhas come to reverse thenretreat… a hell-for-leathernassault…”n—Chronicles 0/ Culturen”A breath of fresh air..na voice crying in thenwilderness.”n-Charleston News & CounYes! I’d like to try The Southern Partisan at the special introductory ratenof $12.00 per year.nD $12.00 check enclosed D Bill menNamenStreet addressnCity State ZipnMail to: The Southern Partisan, Dept. 82-C, P.O. Box 11708, Columbia, South Carolina 29211nA Publication of the Foundation for American Educationnnn