cheap seats) it takes to sell tickets.nAnother industrial city, Hollywood,nis suffering, too. Or so claims DavidnThomson in Overexposures: The Crisisnin American Filmmaking. Economicsnare at the bottom of the illness. Thomsonnperforms a valuable service with hisnexploratory surgery of the L.A.-basednfilm industry when he details the costsnof making a Hollywood feature. Thomsonnuses the example of what it wouldncost to put on the screen Gay Talese’snThy Neighbor’s Wife, a book which henComments by Ronald Reagan,nEdwin J. Feulner, William F.nBucldey. Jr., Jacques Barzun,niViilton Friedman, Russeii Kirk,nWiiiard C. Butclier, Philip M.nCrane, Tom Wolfe and more…n… in The Rockford Institute’sn1981 annual report of progress.nSend us your name andnaddress and we’ll send you ancomplimentary copy of ournfifth anniversary report.nSEND ME A COMPLIMENTARY COPY OFnTHE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’Sn1981 ANNUAL REPORT OF PROGRESSnMail this coupon to:nThe Rocl