NEXT in The Rockford PapersnKURT VONNEGUTnor TRUTHS of a SLEAZO PAPERBACKnIs Kurt Vonnegut a great writer or a great fabrication?nA young critic, Gary Vasilash, sets the record straight.nHis expose leads off our new series on “The MonumentalnLiterature of Dwarfs” — a series which will try to undonwhat the liberal culture has done to contemporarynAmerican literature.nVasilash writes about Vonnegut the salesman and thencelebrity. About his formula and his ideological gyrations.nAnd about how he is merchandised by liberal reviewers whonpretend to be critics.nBy sending for your subscription today, you will receiventhe first essay in our series “The Monumental Literature ofnDwarfs” — our March issue on Kurt Vonnegut.nThe rest of our series,nwhich features issues onnTHE ROCKFORD PAPERSnStyron, French, Gordon,nUpdike, Doctorow and Vidal,nwill be sent to you as thenbalance of your one-yearnsubscription.nSimply fill out and mailnthe attached business replyncard or send $6.00 to: ThenK»*«.rvt*ftrf&M»’TnnnRockford Papers, 934 NorthnMain Street, Rockford,nIL 61103.n„.„,,/^