Inspiring & Illuminating BooksnJoan of ArcnMark TwainnA fascinating and historically accuratenaccount of the story of Joan ofnArc told by America’s greatestnstoryteller. Twain spent years of researchnand considered it not only hisnmost important but also his bestnwork.n”Twain’s understanding of historynand Joan’s place in it accountsnfor his regarding his book Joan ofnArc as worth all of his other booksntogether.”nMark Twain: The Man and His Workn0-89870-268-2, Sewn Softcover, $16.95nUnder the MercynA Sequel to A Severe MercynSheldon VanaukennWith eloquent, moving prose, Vanaukenntells of those years after hisnbeloved wife’s death, of how henmoved through the darkness of griefninto the light of God’s love. Morenthan just a sequel to the best-seller, /InSevere Mercy: this is a continuingnautobiography, an engrossingnchronicle of Vanauken’s writings,nand a challenge to live the spiritualnlife.n0-89870-213-5, Sewn Softcover, $9.95nThree Philosophiesnof LifenEcclesiastes, Job, andnSong of SongsnPeter KreeftnFocusing on the ultimate questionsnof man’s purpose of existence andnthe meaning of life, Kreeft usesnthese three books of the Bible tonprovide brilliant insights into thendeeper meaning of love, sorrow,nsuffering and joy. With consummatengrace and skill; he makes thesenbooks of Scripture come alive withnrelevance for modem man.n0-89870-262-3, Sewn Softcover ,$7.95nPeter KreeftnTHREEnPHILOSOPHIESn^ •’ IvOFUln^itoiinShadow in the LandnHomosexuality in AmericanCongressman Wm. DannemeyernIn this eye-opening study. CongressmannDannemeyer of Californianprovides a comprehensive overviewnof the homosexual movement in thenUnited States—its historical evolution,nits social and political aims andnobjectives and the ground it has alreadynwon in these areas. Dannemeyernexplains how homosexualnactivists have gained enormousnpower and influence in the courts,nthe political arena and in the media.n0-89870-241-0, Sewn Softcover, $9.95nHallowed Be This HousenThomas Howardn”Tom Howard, an accomplishednwriter of great distinction, has thenrare gift of being able to expressnprofound truths in whimsical terms.nIn Hallowed Be This House, henexplores with charm and wit thensacramental aspect of our dailynlives. I found the book vastly entertainingnand, what is more, felt refreshednand the happier for havingnread it. So, I am sure, will all itsn— Malcolm MuggeridgenLove: A Fruit Alwaysnin SeasonnDaily Meditations bynMother TeresanEdited by Dorothy S. HuntnFrom the daily life of the most respectednand loved woman in thenworld. Mother Teresa, come theseninspiring seasonal meditations.nThey have also been simultaneouslynarranged according to variousnthemes of the spiritual life so that thenbook can serve a dual purpose forndaily meditations and prayer.n0-89870-259-3, Sewn Softcover, $7.95 0-89870-167-8, Sewn Softcover, $9.95nThomas Ho^^’a^dnHallowed BenTliis HousenHiomas Oubay, S.M.nFire WithinnSt Toco of Avib. ^ J(^ oTtltc Crass,nand lhcGoq)d~cni,Pny«-nIgnatiusnFire WithinnTeresa of Avila, John of thenCross and the Gospel on PrayernFr. Thomas Dubay, S.M.nAn outstanding book on prayer andnthe spiritual life written by one of thenbest spiritual directors of our time.nDubay synthesizes the teachings onnprayer of the two great doctors of thenChurch on prayer—St. John of thenCross and St. Teresa of Avila—andnthe teaching of Sacred Scripture.n”A gold mine for any Christiannintent on making progress in prayer.n— Benedict Groeschel, O.F.M.C.n0-89870-263-1, Sewn Softcover, $17.95nA FRUITn^ALWAYS IN SEASONnDaily Meditations bynMOTHER TERESAn|.BV«Hi»«iii!»-jii>-‘*4< InJOAN ANDREWSnMT/WnJQHNTAVANAlXJfOKEFEn-WQ^,nRESCUEnMOVEMENTnIN THE LIFEnOF JOAN InANDREWS •nI Will Never Forget YounThe Rescue Movement in the .nLife of Joan AndrewsnThe history, purpose and goals ofnthe Rescue Movement is seennthrough the deeply moving story ofnJoan Andrews and her total commitmentnto save unborn. childrennfrom the horrible death of abortion.nRecently released from a federalnprison after 2-1/2 years of solitarynconfinement, Andrews reveals whatnled her to sacrifice everything innorder to unite herself with the innocentnchildren sentenced to death inntheir mothers’ wombs. Illustrated.n0-89870-240-2, Sewn Softcover, $9.95n^ipKJ QnCXtUS pReSS is Oakland Ave., Harrison NY, 10528 1-800-528-0559nnn