decipher a communist hack, his uglyrnphysical morphology, and his repulsivernverbal mendacity? Communist and paleocommunisticrnmyths have always attractedrnfrustrated would-be intellectualsrnof repulsive physique and mediocre intelligence.rnAs Friedrich Nietzsche used torncall them, “Monstrum in animo, monstrumrnin fronte.” Thus communist primitivism,rnearly on, wrote its own obituary,rnwith consequences now known to everybody.rnBy contrast, modern liberal pontiffsrnare much more difficult to detect.rnLiberal theology pontificates about humanrnrights, while ripping nations apart;rnit promises wealth, while impovershingrnsociety; it sings the praises of the globalrnmarket, while producing global disasters.rnThe liberal facts, after all, speak forrnthemselves: 500 million people live morernor less decently, whereas 4.5 billion peoplernexercise the talent of survival. Threernhundred and fifty-eight individuals, thatrnis, the famous ‘TOO families,” receivernover 45 percent of global revenues, whichrncorresponds to the earnings of 2.7 billionrnof the poorest poor. Multinational criminalrnorganizations (i.e., organized crime)rnmake over 1,000 billion dollars annually,rnwhich amounts to the Gross DomesticrnProduct of the three billion poorest citizensrnof the world. Over 30 billion dollarsrnalone is spent annually in the UnitedrnStates on diverse segments of the narcoticsrnmarket. Meanwhile, Western Europe,rnwhich is viewed as a role model byrnits neighbors to the East, has approximatelyrn20 million unemployed, whichrnis over 12 percent of its work force.rnGermany alone, traditionally known asrnthe steamroller of European economicrngrowth, has over 4.6 million unemployed,rnwhich is its largest percentagernsince 1935, the year National Socialistsrntook over. Germany has seven millionrnforeign “guest” workers, and it housesrnover 300,000 Bosnian-Muslim refugees.rnGuess how much these refugees are itchingrnto return to their ransacked casbahs?rnApostles of the free market and thern”invisible hand” will argue that America’srneconomic model is best. True, thernAmerican work force is more dynamicrnand mobile. America has the lowest unemploymentrnrate in the West: 5.4 percentrnof the entire work force. Over eightrnmillion Americans relocate annuallyrnfrom North to South, from East to West.rnMoreover, young Americans are lessrnpampered than their European counterparts;rnthey do not necessarily expect thernwelfare state to dole out free money. Butrnat what price? The minimal hourly wagernin the United States is $4.25, which hasrn20 percent less buying power than inrn1968, when the hourly wage was onlyrn$1.50. Considering the adjustment forrninflation over the last 20 years, Americansrnclearly live much more tightly today.rnA single working parent supportingrna family of four can barely foot the tab.rnYoung Eastern Europeans, in arngullible search of Western glitz andrnglamor, have fallen into a trap of liberalrnUtopia. Often they project themselves asrnmanagers and businessmen in a globalrnEldorado. The Mecca of the shiningrnWest is so pervasive that many think thernWest is indeed the best. True, manyrnEastern European expatriates, particularlyrnfrom Poland, Croatia, and Russia,rnwill always locate a job in the West:rncleaning dishes at a Kentucky FriedrnChicken or picking trash in Berlin.rnHardly can they grasp that even highlyrneducated Western Europeans and manyrncultivated Americans wait for years tornland a decent job. Joblessness is nornlonger relegated to the masses of uneducatedrnindividuals; it has become the destinyrnof liberal globalization. To keep arnsemblance of “virtual democracy” alive,rnliberal elites in the West—^but also in thernEast—must increasingly resort to drasticrncuts of their fiscal spendings. Undoubtedly,rnover the last ten years, financialrncapital has skyrocketed, but this benefitsrnthe chosen few in contrast to the middlernclasses who pay more and more. In orderrnto curb looming inflation and its politicalrnfallout, would-be liberal governmentsrnmust resort to rigid fiscal cuts, which impoverishesrnthe working poor and createsrnmassive unemployment.rnSimilarly to the West, a new belatedrnfolklore has developed in the East. Byrntheir simple game of mimicry, manyrnEastern Europeans assume that if fraudrnand graft reign in the wild West it mustrnalso sooner or later reign in the disenchantedrnEast. If some high officials inrnthe United States are on the take, if inrntiny Belgium, the heartland of muchvauntedrnMaastricht Europe, somernprominent figures are caught in childrnmolestation antics and in a gigantic embezzlementrnof Eurotaxpayers’ money—rnthen, naturally. Eastern Europe will followrnsuit. According to U.N. statistics, 40rnpercent of the economy of the basketrncase Russia is controlled by over 1,000rnsemicriminal organizations. The officialrnunemployment rate in Eastern Europe isrnaround 15 percent, but considering thernnew wave of part-timers, it is actuallyrntwice as high as this. Recent events inrnAlbania point to the bankruptcy of thernliberal experiment and to the destructivernnature of the global market.rnAfter the fall of the Wall, Eastern Europeansrnnaively accepted the liberalrncredo of itinerant “experts,” hoping itrnwould help them reach Brave NewrnDisneyland. Well, liberalism has indeedrnarrived in the East, and it is bound tornprovide havoc for years to come. Thernantiliberal rock group Death in June providedrna summary of the liberal future inrnits song “Death of the West.” Hear itrnout. “They make’t the last film. Theyrncall it the best. Will ya help make it? It’srncalled the death of the West.”rnTomislav Sunic is a cultural counselor atrnthe Croatian Embassy in Brussels.rnThe Rise of LouisrnFarrakhanrnby Michael WashburnrnLouis Farrakhan has become the mostrnimportant black leader in America,rnif not the worid. He has also become arnquasi-mainstream figure, and brought tornrecord levels black participation in politicalrnlife. While Americans in general arernless and less interested in politics—asrnseen in the 1996 elections—the oppositerntrend is at work within the black community.rnAccording to David A. Bositis in thernWashington Post (December 8, 1996),rn”record numbers of black men and Hispanies”rnvoted in the November election,rna result of Farrakhan’s speech at the MillionrnMan March, in which he urgedrnblacks to atone for their past dissolutionrnby, among other things, voting.rnWhereas Farrakhan’s mentor ElijahrnMuhammad had scorned the institutionrnof voting as a white sham, Farrakhan seesrnit as a tool that blacks should exploit. Beforernthe election, Farrakhan called for thernformation of a “Third Political Force” inrnAmerica, comparing black supporters ofrnthe Democratic Party to slaves on a plantationrnand to a woman who will notrndump an abusive husband. Pending thernformation of an independent, or third,rnpolitical movement, Farrakhan admittedrnto the Chicago Tribune that most blacksrnwill vote for Bill Clinton, even thoughrn)ULY 1997/49rnrnrn