Modern Editions of Classic Worksrnfor Today’s ReadersrnJOHN RANDOLPH OF ROANOKE:rnA STUDY IN AMERICAN POLITICSrnrourth EditionrnFT-, n II u – : . . ! .rnoy iu£i»f::ii fiiirnThis new fourth edition of a classic political biography incorporatesrnthe revisions provided by Russell Kirk shortly before his death inrn1994. Included is a transcription of the first-hand account ofrnRandolph’s death that confirms information that historians haverndeemed apocryphal. Unique in the annals of American politicalrnhistory, John Randolph (1773-1833) was only twenty-six when he wasrnelected to Congress in 1799. Rapidly he became the most forcefulrnfigure at the Capitol—^and also, in the words of Dumas Malone, “arnmerciless castigator of iniquity.”rnFor most of his public career Randolph was a leader of thernopposition, first to Jeffersonians, later to Federalists. Wever before—rnnor since, in fact—has there been in American life so colorful and sornprincipled an opponent to national mischief, nor so fiery an orator.rnRandolph was. Kirk writes, “devoted to state rights, the agricultural interest, economy inrngovernment, and freedom from foreign entanglements.” Perhaps the quintessence ofrnRandolph’s eminently American credo is found in his famous declaration, “I love liberty;rntherefore I hate equality!”rn594 pages. F^efatory note, appendices, Randolph chronology, select bibliography, index.rnHardcover $15.00 0-86597-149-8rnPaperback $ 9.00 0-86597-150-1rn«^4 ‘Conceived in Liberty”rnFor a nation “conceived in liberty,” the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsiblernindividuals is a never-ending obligation. Tb encourage this deliberation. Liberty Fund—arnprivate educational foundation established in 1960—makes available a wide range of outstandingrnbooks. In keeping with the Fund’s mission, books are both beautifully produced andrnpriced to ensure their availability to all serious readers. Each title explores some aspect of therninterrelationship of liberty and responsibility in individual life, society, governance, or economics.rnAccordingly, our publications include the works of Adam Smith, David Hume, LordrnActon, Ludwig von Mises, Nobel laureates F. A. Hayek and James Buchanan, crucial politicalrnwritings of the American founding era, and other landmark works in philosophy, law, social andrnpolitical thought, and education. We invite you to request a free copy of our catalogue.rnCall 800-955-8335 Liberty Fund We payrn—• UPS shipping on Pax 317-579-6060rnor write: prepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe TVail, Suite 300, Dept. CHR7, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Web atrnwww.Libertyfund.orgrnrnrn