orna First rate”rn— Pat Buchananrn’One of the most important Catholic pubHcations since Vatican II.” — Michael DaviesrnAt one U.S. seminary, the dean discoveredrna stray Lalin Mass magazine in therncommon room. He blew up, ordered itrnthrown out, and strictly warned seminarians:rn”I never want to see this herernagain!” At another seminary, the liturgyrnprofessor discovered a gift subscriptionrnto The Latin Mass. He ordered it cancelledrn— and destroyed all back issues.rnIn Rome, some seminarian subscribersrninsist on getting their copies in unmarkedrnenvelopes.rnYet many hundreds of parish priests readrnus. Every American bishop gets a copy,rntoo. Most cardinals get their copies byrnair. And one Vatican journalist says hernhas “seen it on four or five desks” there.rnWhy all the fuss? Because The LatinrnMass brings you news and features likernthese:rn* On-Ihe-scene report: CardinalrnRatzinger offers traditional Latin Massrnat French monastery, with a hearteningrnmessage from the Popern* Why today’s “traditionalists” arernyounger Catholicsrn* Catholic artists rediscover their heritage.rnA look at the best new paintingrnand sculpturern* Respected conservative prelate on thernmess in Romern* Pope Paul VI’s true purpose in changingrnthe Mass — revealed by a closernfriendrn* Which bishops have allowed the Massrn”widely and generously,” as the Popernrequested, and which haven’t?rn* America’s most conservative bishoprnspeaks his mindrn* “Latin Mass communities”: croppingrnup in diocese after diocese, by permissionrnof bishopsrn* The liturgical reform, phase twentytworn« Is all that fine old Catholic statuaryrndoomed to crumble and fade? Not ifrnone determined restoration expert canrnhelp itrn* Italy’s young, female Speaker of thernHouse castigates Catholic politiciansrnwho vote for abortionrn* Today’s finest young priests tell whyrnso many are moving “beyond conservatism”rnto traditionrn* Live from St. Peter’s: The First InternationalrnVatican Altar-Girl Festrn* The next pope: another surprise? Whatrnone Vatican observer predictsrn* Notre Dame’s Ralph Mclnerny on thernglory days of Catholic higher educationrn* Changes in the Church drove themrnaway. The old Mass is bringing lapsedrnCatholics backrn« St. Pius X on restoring order to thernChurchrn* Yale students and faculty — manyrn/7«n-Catholics — discover Gregorianrnchantrn* Were the documents of Vatican II infallible?rnNot according to Pope PaulrnVIrn« From “hippie Masses” to the traditionalrnMass — ex-radical priest’s storyrn* Why one bishop, a noted radical, neverthelessrnestablished two “Tridentinernparishes” with only the old Mass andrntraditional catechism classesrn* Leading cardinal — key player at VaticanrnII — calls new liturgy a betrayalrnof the CouncilrntATiN MASSrnCarcimal RatxingetrnTridentine Massern$25.95/yr.rnYouthful voice of thernCatholic counter-revolutionrnOlder Catholics will find much in ourrnpages to remind them of better days inrnthe Church, since we look to the past tornguide us. But younger Catholics fed uprnwith the mess made by aging revolutionariesrn— and their “enablers” in Rome —rnwill also hearken to this voice of Catholicrncounter-reform — produced by onernof their own:rn* Editor and Publisher Roger McCaffrey:rnformer editor of Pat Buchanan’s newsletter,rnpresident of Roman CatholicrnBooks, author.rnPope John Paul’s rolernAlthough most Catholics still don’t knowrnit, the Holy Father publicly supports theirrnright to attend the Tridentine Mass, andrnhas urged the world’s bishops to make itrnavailable “widely and generously.” Hernresurrected the traditional Latin liturgyrnin 1984 and broadened his indult in ’88.rnIn fact, this decision by the Pope is whatrninspired the founding of The Latin Massrnmagazine.rnI THE LATIN M A S S • 1331 RED CEDAR CIRCLE •rnI YES, I’d like to help THE LATIN MASS in the following way: Enc. $rnFoRT COLLINS, CO 80524 |rnIrn! • As a subscriber ($2.^.9.”; for four quanerly issues) Q As a Patron (S.’iO-SlOO); lax-deductible—includes 2-year subscription). |rnI NamernAdd ressrnCityrnMake your check piiyable to The Lalin Mass. and mail to address above.rnState .Zip.rnCHRONICLESrnrnrn