6 I CHRONICLESnPERSPECTIVEnTHE STATECRAFT OF STOOGESnby Thomas FlemingnThe speaker of the House of Representatives negotiatesncordially with a Marxist dictator at the very time whennthe American government is sending aid to an armednresistance movement fighting to overthrow his regime; anpolitical preacher flies to the Middle East and discusses thenmost sensitive foreign policy issues with unfriendly heads ofnstate; the son of a Communist Party member becomes richnby negotiating with Lenin and turns into a one-mannSoviet-American public relations team, boasting that “thenHot Line is no longer only in the basement of the WhitenHouse”; American physicians link arms with their Sovietncounterparts in the struggle for world peace; communitiesnacross the U.S. declare themselves “nuclear free zones” andnattempt to interfere with the transport of weapons andnmateriel vital to the nation’s defense; churches claiming thenprivileges of a tax-exempt status interfere in the politicalnprocess by lobbying and encouraging their members tonviolate the law for the sake of a higher law that is revealednnnonly to them.nWhat is going on in a country that manages to toleratenthe shenanigans of Jim Wright, Jesse Jackson, ArmandnHammer, Dr. Bernard Lown, and “sanctuary” churches?nThe easy answer is that some of these people are consciousnsubversives who knov/ how to manipulate public opinionn(i.e., the press) and avert the lynch mob they deserve. Some,nperhaps, but not all. There are sanctuary workers, fornexample, who think they are good Americans whose onlyn”crime” is their commitment to scriptural commandments.nThey write touching accounts of their kindly ministrationsnto illegal immigrants; at least, they would be touching if theynwere not filled with an arrogant contempt for law andnnational interest. Still, they are mostly not conscious agentsnof a foreign power, not really guilty of anything that the lawnof the United States recognizes as treason.nThe crime of treason has always presented a problem fornAmericans. The Constitution specifies only the levying ofn