Pro-Choice’s dirtyniittle secrets. Exposed.n”Hats off to New Dimensions. As America enters then1990s, it is encouraging to know that there is anstraight-shooting, no-nonsense news source forngrassroots America.” Watch out Time andnNewsweek. .R^b^rt K. Doman, U.S. CongressmannEver since Roe v. Wade, the nation’snnews media have virtually blacked outnthe real story of abortion in America.nOnly one side of this explosive issue—nthe pro-choice side—^has been told.nNo wonder polls show the vastnmajority of Americans are ambivalentnabout this life-and-death issue.nNow, one national newsmagazinenhas dared to investigate and reportnthe devastating truth about abortion:nNew Dimensions: The PsychologynBehind the News, America’s fastestngrowing newsmagazine.nOn sale at over 20,000nnewsstands across the U.S.,nCanada, and most of Europe, NDndares to tell the whole story ofnAmerica’s abortion industry. Afternextensive investigation, ND’snresearch and reporting teamnuncovered and documented thendisturbing truth that manynAmericans have suspected all along.nThat abortion is not simply a matternof women’s rights and freedoms,nbut rather a billion-dollar industrynbuilt on deception, exploitation,nshrewd marketing and dirty politics.nND’s groundbreaking report,n”Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in thencloset,” exposes once and for all,nthe complete story about thenmercenary and manipulativenabortion industry.nThrough interviews with formernabortionists, including Dr. BernardnNathanson—who founded thenNational Abortion Rights ActionnLeague (NARAL), but who is now anleading pro-life advocate—NewnDimensions explodes the carefullynurturednmedia myths surroundingnthe “pro-choice” agenda.nRather than covering the usualnpolitical and judicial ups and downs ofnabortion politics. New DimensionsniBgS^^^S^njMJmonsiQnsngoes directly for the jugular,nexposing:n• The brilliant marketingnstrategies used to manipulate anHreinfair-minded American public;n• The dehumanizing pressures onnyoung doctors to go against theirnovra consciences and performnabortions;n• The manipulative counseling tonwhich young, vulnerable pregnantnwomen are subjected;n• The harsh reality of exactlynwhat abortion actually is: the painfulndestruction of a perfectly formednhuman being.nAlso included is Warren T.nBrookes’ scathing expose of thenscandal surrounding Congress’nproposed $140 billion cleanup of acidnrain. A 10-year, $500 million studynhas shovra that acid rain levels arenno different now than they were innthe pre-industrial era. Yet Congressnand the President are going aheadnwith a $140 billion cleanup plan thatnCongress’s own study says can benaccomplished for next to nothing.nPick up a copy today. Ornsubscribe at this special rate: $23.97nfor 12 monthly issues. That’s 33% offnthe regular newsstand rate. Plus,nyou receive the “Pro-Choice 1990:nSkeletons in the closet” issuenabsolutely free! Fill in the couponnbelow, or call 1-800-877-3227 orn1-800-866-9535 for VISA ornMasterCard orders.nFree abortion issue! With your suiiscriptionnYes! I want a free copy oiNew Dimensiom’ October issue:nI”Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in the closet”nwith my paid subscription to New Dimensions magazine.n[j Enclosed is my check or money order for $23.97 for 12 monthlynissues, plus my free October issue.nI Ilame_nIninAddress.nCitynI-nState _Zip_nonTInInInInSend to: New Dimensions, P.O. Box 811. Grants Pass, OR 97526. Or call toll freen1 -800-877-3227 or 1-800-866-9535 for VISA or MasterCard onlets onlynOffer expires 12-31-90 CHR-003n:HR-003 Innn