number of cartridges carried in most bolt-action sportingnrifles. Once again, the opposition ignores reality in its drivento “prove” that semiautomatics are not suitable for sportingnpurposes and serve only the function of killing people.nIf the banners truly want to eliminate all guns capable ofnrapid-fire or the discharge of multiple projectiles in quicknsuccession, then they will ultimately have to move against allnrevolvers, all shotguns, and all lever- and bolt-actionnmagazine-fed rifles. (In 1914 advancing German troopsnwere decimated by smaller units of British Tommies armednwith a bolt-action rifle whose basic design dated back to thenlate 1880’s. Trained in rapid and accurate delivery ofnlong-range fire, the British troops proved so effective that thenGermans complained that each enemy soldier must havenbeen armed with a machine gun.) The end result of this,ncampaign for public safety would likely be the prohibition ofnall firearms except muzzleloaders and single-shot breechloadingnhand and shoulder guns. A ban on all metallicncartridge fixed ammunition might logically follow, sincenelimination of it would render inoperable any illicit semiautomaticnweapons still retained by the rightwing-redneckdiehardnelement of the population.nAt its core the crusade against semiautomatic rifles (andnby implication all other firearms) reflects a deep split innvalues between those who honor the traditional warriornvirtues and skills as vital necessities for a nation’s survival andnthose who deplore them as being proof of a willing reversionnto the bestial. Many Americans love firearms for the samenreason that they love automobiles. Both are perceived asnguarantors of individual freedom. Both can impart a sense ofnpower to their possessors which, serves as a healthy tonicnagainst the myriad petty oppressions of life in a modern massnsociety. They instinctively know that to be disarmed is to risknsubjection to the worst excesses that can be wreaked uponnmen by the state. They cherish skill with arms for both thenintrinsic joy that stems from mastering a powerful instrumentnand for the assurance it brings that they can still givenpause to all Hiflers and Stalins (foreign or domestic). Thengun-haters cannot fathom such a people and their feelings.n”Our female-dominated, spastic society has been workingnovertime for a generation to discredit manhood,” Bill R.nDavidson asserted in To Keep and Bear Arms. “People whonstill like to kill their own snakes bother political leaders in ourntime. The politicians don’t understand and thus vaguelyndistrust these last traces of self-reliance and do-it-yourselfnassuredness.”nThe anti-gun lobby will never realize that an Alvin Yorknwill always be more vitally important to the survival of thenrace than a Dan Rather. For that reason they must not benallowed to prevail, for the triumph of their views willneventually deprive this nation of the essential ability tondefine its mortal enemies and to unite in arms and opposenthem. n’one of the most authoritative and informative newslettersnon the activities of our adversaries on the left.”n—Congressman Phil CranenThe best intelligence network in Washington for anybody who wantsnto keep track of the radical left—that’s what The American Sentinelnhas been for 18 years.nSince we began as “The Pink Sheet on the Left” back in 1971, thenbest informed Conservatives in America have relied on us as a watchdognof the left wing.nAs Senator Jesse Helms said,n”the average American would be appalled if he were suddenly tondiscover what is being done to his country and its principles by extremenleft-wing forces. 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