transactionnNew and Recent Books on Family and PolicynThenSwedishnExperimentnin FamilynPoliticsnTHE MVRDALS ANDnTHE INTERWARnPOPULATION CRISISnAllannCarlsonnThenpoliticsnHumannNaturenThomas Flemin<nFamilynQijestipjisnift mwln^i.’nReflections on thenAmerican Social CrisisnAllan C. CarlsonnTHE SWEDISH EXPERIMENT INnFAMILY POLITICSnTHE MYRDALS AND THE INTERWAR POPULATION CRISISnAllan CarlsonnThis devastating account of the wori< of Gunnar and Alva Myrdai portraysnhow two young scholars used the power of ideas to help engineer a newndomestic order in Sweden. It offers the general reader remarkable insightninto the nature of Scandinavian social life, and the specialist a criticalnperspective on how social science can itself become the problem, rathernthan providing solutions in contemporary post-industrial life.nISBN: 0-88738-299-1 (cloth) 314 pp. $39.95nTHE POLITICS OF HUMAN NATUREnThomas RemingnThis effort to understand human nature in a political context takes up sexnand gender differences, democracy and dictatorship, individual andnfamilial patterns of association.n”Probing and thoughtful” -Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Chroniclesn”Learned, thoughtful, and superbly written”n-Robert Nisbet, The National Reviewn”Progressives and radicals could benefit from grappling with Fleming’snintellectually stimulating presentation.”n-The Progressiven”A wide-ranging and freewheeling review of sundry madnesses affectingnmodern political thought.” -This WorldnISBN: 0-88738-189-8 (cloth) 276 pp. $32.95nFAMILY QUESTIONSnREFLECTIONS ON THE AMERICAN SOCIAL CRISISnAllan CarlsonnWhat accounts for the crisis in American family life? This creative searchnfor answers borrows from conservative, feminist, and socialist traditions,noffering a number of provocative explanations.n”One of the most profoundly sensible voices on the American landscape .n… All of his positions are carefully laid out and supported by meticulousnresearch and precise reasoning.”n-William Tucker, The American Spectatorn”Genuinely profound” -E. Calvin Beiser, Worldn”Of interest to historians, social scientists/planners and students at thenupper-division undergraduate level and above”n-D.A. Chekki, ChoicenISBN: 0-88738-206-1 (cloth) 335 pp. $39.95nOrder from your bookstore or direct from the publisher,nf^ajor credit cards accepted. Call (201) 932-2280nm transaction publishersnDepartment FP012nRutgers-The State Universityntransaction New Brunswick, N.J. 08903nnn