The original McGiiffey^snReaders were different.nThey were ChristiannNow they’re available againncfter 150 pears. You can get thenfiill set here and SAVE $80nRev. William McGuffey published his legendary Readers in the 1830s.nLater editions, from 1857 on, were revised without his approval, and expurgatednmost references to religion. They were still excellent texts, butnno longer Christian texts.nNow a Christian publisher, Mott Media, has reprinted the originals. Wenare offering them, with pride and admiration, for parents, godparentsnand grandparents who care enough to teach at home, or at least to help,nthe children they love.nThe Original McGuffeys: 7 superb textsnPictorial Eclectic Primer for Young Children. For kindergarten or prekindergarten:nthe alphabet, simple sentences and stories, charmingnoriginal engravings.nEclectic Primer. More advanced. For first-graders and brightnkindergarteners.nEclectic First Reader for Young Children. For second-graders or brightnfirst-graders. Lots of spelling, and the words get as hard as “would” andn”stalked” and “deranged.”nEclectic Second Reader. 85 lessons, each a well written story with anmoral, some from Scripture or American history. Each lesson is followednby 1) questions drawn from it (e.g., How did Washington receivenLafayette? What is the Fifth Commandment? What is emulation?) andnby 2) spelling words (“believed,” “myrrh,” “forsook”). When yournchildren master this book, they’ll be years ahead of their peers.nEclectic Third Reader. Authors like Addison, Irving, Byron. ..Biblenselections.. .excursion^ into history like the marvelous “Alexander thenGreat” — adults can read this book with pleasure. After your child of 8nHow the Club WorksnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy o1 thenClub Bulletin, wtiicti offers you ttie Featured Selection plus angood ctioice of Alternates — all of interest to conservatives. *nIf you want the Featured Selection, do nothing. It will comenautomatically. * If you don’t want the Featured Selection, ornyou do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes on the handyncard enclosed with your Bulletin and return it by the deadlinendate. • The majority of Club books will be offered at 20-50%ndiscounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling. • Asnsoon as you buy and pay for 4 books at regular Club prices,nyour membership may be ended at any time, either by you ornby the Club. * If you ever receive a Featured Selectionnwithout tiaving had 10 days to decide if you want it, you maynreturn it at Club expense for full credit. .* Good service. Noncomputers! • The Club will offer regular Superbargains,nmostly at 70-95% discounts plus shipping and handling.nSuperbargains do NOT count toward fulfilling your Clubnobligation, but do enable you to buy fine books at-.giveawaynprices. • Only one membership per household.’ •: ,:nFREE BOOK Free with each set: McGulfey and’His Readers: Piety, Morality ardnEducation in 19tlt Century America by John H. Westerhoff IIInor 9 finishes it, he’s reading better, and understanding more, than mostnhigh schoolers.nEclectic Fourth Reader. Quite beyond the average collegian today, yetnwithin the reach of well trained lO-to-12-year-olds. Dozens of authorsnthey should meet: Johnson, Webster, Milton, Jefferson, Schiller, Bacon,nSouthey, Bryant, Shakespeare, etc.nEclectic Progressive Spelling Book. “Progressive” because it starts withnbasics and builds to an advanced vocabulary worthy of a graduate student.nNot only definitions but pronunciations and usage in goodnsentences.nMark Sullivan, in his 6-volume history. Our Times, ranks McGuffey upnwith Washington and Lincoln in influence. And a wonderful influence itnwas. Do your children deserve less?nStartling call from eminent professor of Englishn”Let’s bring back McGuffey’s Reader — to College” is how Carl Bode,nUniversity of Maryland, titled his article in The Chronicle of HighernEducation. Wrote Bode: “I guarantee that regular doses of McGuffey willnbrighten their eyes and bring roses to their cheeks… teach them to concentratenon the printed page… give them some of the memorablenpoetry and prose of our Anglo-American inheritance… make them betternmen and women, not to mention better-spoken men and women.”nHow to get this $89.95 slipcased set for ONLY $9.95!nMnCONSERVATIVE U I! BOOK CLUBn15 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON, NY 10528nI enclose $9.95. Please accept my membership in the Club and send me,nat no additional cost, the Original McGuffey Readers In the 7-volume slipcasednset PLUS my free copy of McGuffey and His Readers. I agree to buyn4 additional books at regular Club prices over the next 2 years. I alsonagree to the Club rules spelled out in this coupon.nD I don’t care to join the Club but I’m enclosing $89.95 for the McGuffeynset plus the free book. I may return th set In 30 days for full refund if notnName.nAddress 1n’^«”9*^’^’^- CCUL-73nCity. State. Zip.nnn