“We give you morenquality services than anynother discount broker.”n”Commission discounts arenimportant. But there are manynservices that are just as important.nWhen you choose a brokerage firm,nyou should get a complete package.nThat means discountsnand servicen—Charles R. Schwab, ChairmannCharles Schwab & Co., Inc,nWe give you these quality services:n1^ 24-hour order entry so you can place your ordersnat your convenience.n1^ Instant execution on most market orders. Oftennwe can confirm your order while you’re still onnthe phone.ni^ High interest on your uninvested funds with anSchwab One Account or Money Market Fund.nt^ Increased buying power with low-cost marginnloans.nI/’ Over 250 no-load and low load mutual fundsnthat you can buy through your Schwab discountnbrokerage account. It’s just as easy as buying stocks.n(Prospectuses available)ni^ No sales pressure—ever.n1^ Plus discounts of up to 76% on commissionsnc( inipared to rates chained by full-commission firms.nFOR A FREE BOOKLETndcMxibing our quality services and our discountsnCall toll free today:n1-800-228-2112n24 hours a day, or mail this coupon.nr^T*——^—nM.iil to: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.n228 E. 45th Street, Suite 1515nNew York, NY 10017nD Please send me freendiscount brokerage information.nNamenAddress.nnnPlease Print Clearlyn. State/ZipnU$tm inl^mtufknmminCharles SchwabnAmerica’s Largest Discount BrokernMember SIPC/New York Stock Exchange, Inc,nCWAPIn• > _ _ _ _ i _ _ . _ _ M _ _ _ . _ Jn