teenager or older male, and at any agenearlier with a “tiny male’s penis”; masturbationnis to be unrestricted and is tonbe provided by “family, friends, ornneighbors.”nIf such explicit recommendations arennot enough to utterly destroy the traditional,nand majority-held, value systemnof American culture, there is yet more toncome. Of certainty would be the demandsnof other “sexual minorities.” Indeed,nwe have been explicitly preparednfor them by homosexuals’ political aims.nIt would presumably begin with the exhibitionistsnand the voyeurs (peepingnToms). Their sexual preferences areneasily construed as victimless crimes; itnwould certainly be no more work thannturning homosexuality into normalitynand normality into homophobia. Nownthe door begins to open wider. If compulsivenattraction to, and sexual behaviornwith, persons of the same sex is legitimatizednand its adherents enshrined asnan “oppressed minority”; if compulsivenpeeping or exhibiting is a person’s onlynchance for full sexual gratification (andnthat didn’t hurt anybody); and if we recognizenthe validity in all of that (onenshould never doubt the capacity of thennew left to rationalize, even glorify thesenactivities, and to find plenty of liberals tonfall in line), then we must legitimatizenexhibitionism and voyeurism, too. Wenhave already been softened up for thisnon commercial television by a humorousnfamily flasher.nThere is a logical continuity here thatnhas not been overlooked by the sexuialnliberationists. Following attempts tonmake an “oppressed minority” out of thensemivictimless perversions wiU comencompassion and concern for the childnmolester and the rapist. As good a casencan be made for the compulsive naturenof rape and child molestation as for thenperversions; the rapist and/or child molesternas oppressed. One might well ask:nBut what about the victims? The answernwould be something like: Well maybenthey weren’t really victims anyway;nmaybe she invited rape by being bourgeois.nAnd the Rene Guyon Society hasnChronicles of Culturenassured us that children want thesenthings to happen to them by the timenthey are three or four.nHomosexuals seldom describe themselvesnas revolutionary. But then FidelnCastro did not publicly call himself ancommunist either—at first. One illustrationnwill suffice here (Father Ruedanprovides more): “People must deal withnthe chains that destroy us. Wrapped upnin this sexist issue is the key to freedom.nContained within the bondage of sexismnis racism and classicism, homophobia,nand the rape and plunder of our earth.”nThis is a quotation from a minister ofnone of the prohomosexual churches; itnpresents in the usual code words anwhole catalog of new-left issues.nIronically, all of the leftist bombastnand energy being generated by the homosexualnmovement and its supporters arenin the long run self-defeating. Gays maynfail by succeeding, or, as it begins to look,nTinny DrumnJohn le Carre: The Little DrummernGirl; Alfred A. Knopf; New York.nby Rael Jean Isaac and Erich IsaacnApanpart from the rare scathing review^.nThe Little Drummer Girl has won wellnighnuniversal praise. In some respectsnthe praise is deserved, for the novelnmoves at a brisker pace than most LenCarre novels while retaining thefr characteristicnvfrtues: it is carefully plotted,nwell written, has a strong sense of place,nand offers a credible portrait of thenmechanisms of clandestine intelligencenstruggle. Le Carre abandons the Britishnsecret service for a subject more apt tonexcite current imaginations. The plotnconcerns the efibrts of an Israeli secretservicenteam to stamp out a terroristnring run by an elusive Palestinian namednMr. and Mrs. Isaac are the authors ofnthe forthcoming The Coercive Utopians,nRegnerylGateway.nnnthey may fail by turning mainstreamnpublic opinion against themselves. Thenworst result would be if they were totallynsuccessful, however. Defeat wouldnonly leave them where they were: economicallynsuccessful, mostly tolerated,nsometimes famous, occasionally abused.nBut a radical-leftist victory would bendisastrous: What then would become ofnthe homosexuals? The answer is foundnin historical precedent: is there anyncountry in which the leftist revolutionnhas taken power and in which subsequentlyna homosexual lifestyle wasngiven stams, let alone financial supportnand guarantees of immunity? Such statesnare ascetic rather than pansexual, andnno one but the state is going to educatenthefr young in anything. When thenhomosexual movement has served itsnpurpose, the revolution wUl devour it,nalong with all the other “useful idiots” innthe West. DnKhalil. The Israelis select a British Gentilengfrl, Charlie, and coach her as a penetrationnagent to be used as bait to eliminatenthe ring.nThe novel suffers from Le Carre’sn^vealoiess in characterization. He makesnelaborate efforts with Charlie, his firstnfemale protagonist, but the end result isna mass of contradictions. Charlie is witty,ntalented, independent, compassionate,nloyal, and honest; she is also so passiventhat she allows herself to be beaten bynher lover and then, becoming infatuatednwith a new man, allows herself to benmolded in a space of days into an agentnfor use against the Palestinians, withnwhose cause she identifies. Pliabilitynnotwithstanding, she is a liar who hasncreated an entfrely fictional past, blackeningnher father as an embezzler whonwent to jail to hide the fact she wasnkicked out of school for promiscuousnbehavior at a tender age. If Charlie is incredible,nso is the decision of the supposedlynbrilliant Israeli spymaster, Kurtz,n