Announcing.n”One of the most successfulnsummertime activities.”nNational ReviewnThe 12th AnnualnNATIONAL CONSERVATIVE STUDENT CONFERENCEnThe National Conservative Student Conference is yournopportunity to meet with other active conservative studentsnfrom all over the United States, to meet with members ofncongress and the administration, and to discuss strategiesnfor preserving the university as a place for free inquiry andnopen discussion.nFor information call (703) 620-5270 or return this formnSponsored by Young America’s FoundationnAugust 12-18, 1990nWashington, D.C.nPlease send information on the National Conservative Student Conference and an application to:nName:nStreet:nCity:nMail to: NCSC, Young America’s Foundation, Suite 808,11800 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 22091nnnLectures, panels and discussion on thenfollowing themes: Campus free speech *nAcademic bias * Student legal rights *nSpeakers programs * Central America ‘nSouth Africa * Eastern Europe * Andnmoren”invaluable”nRonald Reagann