FIGHTING for SURVIVMnof the famila and humanitunDisputes over the family nownrage with strange intensity.nMany social workers and governmentnplanners regard the traditionalnfamily as an anachronism,nan obstacle to the fulfillment of politicalnambitions. Utopia Againstnthe Family clarifies the culturalnand spiritual significance of currentndebates over family questions.nBryce Christensen identifiesnthe underlying causes of ournnational retreat from family life,nwhile exposing the mendacity ofnmuch “pro-family” rhetoric. Drawingnupon Utopian literature fromnPlato to B. F. Skinner, the analysisnexamines why the modem state expandsnat the expense of the fami-nly-n”An erudite and readable book. Inhope this splendid book will haventhe widest possible reading, notnleast in the corridors of power innWashington, D.C.”n— Robert Nisbetnfrom the ForewordnMnSJ ignatius pRSssnNamenAddressnCity, State, ZipnTHE WAR AGAINST POPULATIONnThe Economics and IdeologynJacqueline KasunnThe idea that humanity is multiplyingnat a terrible and acceleratingnrate is one of the false dogmas ofnour times. These ideas form thenbasis for an enormous internationalnpopulation-control industry thatninvolves billions of dollars of taxes.nIn her tour de force expose, DrnJacqueline Kasun shatters the dog-n15 Oakland Ave., Harrison, NY 10528nnn”Christensen lays bare the forcesnwhich work to undermine the stabilitynof the family and wreaknhavoc in the daily lives of millionsnof Americans. He successfully challengesncurrent wisdom on the subjectnand cogently unniasks thenideological pretensions of thosenwho war on the family. Anyonenconcerned about the role whichnvalues play in shaping the contoursnof the social order cannot afford tonmiss this book.”n— William A. DonohuenChairman,nDept. of SociologynLa Roche Collegen”A provocative and original deconstructionnof the premises ofnfamily policy from education tonday care. Utopia Against the Familynshould be consulted before anynnew ‘save the family’ legislationn(from the right or left) is contemplated.”n— Philip AbbottnWayne State UniversitynSewn Softcover, $11.95nof Population Controlnmas of the controllers—tenets thatnsimply fall apart under close scrutinynand comparison with a mountainnof data.n”An urgently needed booknshowing Jacqueline Kasun’s masterynof both economics and moralnphilosophy.n— George GildernAuthor, Wealth and PovertynSewn Softcover, $14.95nPlease rush me copies of Utopia Against the Familyn($11.95) and copies of The War Against- Populationn($14.95) 1 enclose full payment plus $1.50 per book fornshipping and handling.n