OVERPOPULATION: ILLEGALnTHE BUREAU OF POPULATIONnAND ENVIRONMENTn14815 PENNSYLVANIA AVE.nWASHINGTON, D.C.n00100-DF-XXXY3420nIn these early years of the 1990’s the data presently available confirm that we indeednlive in apocalyptic times. We a-t the Bureau of Population and Environment intend tonimplement the following drastic measures:n1. Pregnant women with more than one 3.nchild will undergo mandatory FTRnprocedure (Fetal Tissue Removal)n2. Product of FTR procedure will be 4.ndivided into two categories:na. Surviving Fetal Mattern(SFM)nb. Non-surviving Fetal Mattern(NSFM)nSFM will be cultivated and trained toncarry out tasks below the dignity ofnhumankindnNSFM will be processed and packagednas protein-rich HomomassnNot only will this Master Plan solve the world’s hunger problem, it will in fact leadnto a just society. The current revolution in our understanding of human biology hasnsignalled the coming of a New Age.nThe People of the United States must decide.nThe most delectable satire of our timenAvailable in fine bookstores everywhere. ISBN 5921-5 $7.95 trade paper. Illustrated.nThomas Nelson Publishers, Nelson Place at Elm Hill Pike RO. Box 141000 Nashville TN 37214-1000nA ModestnProposalnrnf RANKY SCHAEFFERnI HAROLD FICKtTTnPlease send me. .copies of A MODEST PROPOSAL by FrankynSchaeffer & Harold Fickett. Enclosed Is check or money order forn$ Add $1.50 for shipping and handling.nNAMEnADDRESSnCITY STATE ZIPnPHONEnOr call to place order: 1-800-872-4445 (Tennessee call 1-800-821-4370)nVISA or MasterCard acceptednnn