A Special iMidaf Traditionn[BKInChronicles Gift Subscription has long been a popularn^ choice as a holiday gift for family and friends.nAnd now, our special holid’n^^^^Tjg: ;-s:’55p?f ««^^^fi^|f ?|nJust complete and mail the adjoining postage-paidnorder card, or use this coupon. We’ll promptly sendneach recipient an elegant gift card in your name.nGive Chronicles — and celebrate a delightfulnholiday tradition by giving those on your list 12nmonths of reading pleasure!nTO ORDER BY PHONEnCALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-435-0715n(ILLINOIS RESIDENTS 1-800-892-0753)nnnrn’ijf’f’ w mnHnYES! Please enter the following 12-month Chronicles Gift Subscriptions at $21 for thenfirst gift, $18 for each additional gift (I save 25% off the cover price).nAddress Cil>’ State Zipnn Renew my own subscription. D Bill me. D Payment enclosed.nForeign ordei^ add §6 per subscription, U.S. funds only. Chronicles sells for $2.00 a copy.nSEND TO: CHRONICLES • P.O. Box 800 • Mt. Moms, II61054 â„¢i2n